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저전력 내장형 시스템 설계
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201412Accelerating Memory Access with Address Phase Skipping in LPDDR2-NVM신동화; 박재현[박재현]; 이형규[이형규], et al
201008Energy-Optimal Dynamic Thermal Management: Computation and Cooling Power Co-Optimization신동화; 정성우[정성우]; 정의영[정의영], et al
201006System integration of a portable direct methanol fuel cell and a battery hybrid신동화; 김영현[김영현]; 서주은[서주은], et al
201401Optimizing the Power Delivery Network in a Smartphone Platform신동화; Lee, Woojoo[Lee, Woojoo]; Wang, Yanzhi[Wang, Yanzhi], et al
201205Constant-current regulator-based battery-supercapacitor hybrid architecture for high-rate pulsed load applications신동화; Chang, Naehyuck[Chang, Naehyuck]; Kim, Younghyun[Kim, Younghyun], et al
201212Control-Theoretic Cyber-Physical System Modeling and Synthesis: A Case Study of an Active Direct Methanol Fuel Cell신동화; Chang, Naehyuck[Chang, Naehyuck]; Park, Jaehyun[Park, Jaehyun], et al
201307Dynamic Driver Supply Voltage Scaling for Organic Light Emitting Diode Displays신동화; 김영현[김영현]; 장래혁[장래혁], et al
201502A Statistical Model-Based Cell-to-Cell Variability Management of Li-ion Battery Pack신동화; Massimo Poncino[Massimo Poncino]; Enrico Macii[Enrico Macii], et al
201305Accurate Modeling of the Delay and Energy Overhead of Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling in Modern Microprocessors신동화; Park, Sangy[Park, Sangy]; Park, Jaehyun[Park, Jaehyun], et al