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고체역학, 신뢰성, 전자패키징
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201404Time-dependent adhesion of a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomer film to a flat indenter tip characterized using a cohesive-zone law신동길; N.T. Mai[N.T. Mai]; S.T. Choi[S.T. Choi], et al
201505Tensile behavior of aluminum/carbon fiber reinforced polymer hybrid composites at intermediate strain rates신동길; J.G. Kim[J.G. Kim]; H.C. Kim[H.C. Kim], et al
201006Effect of PCB Surface Modifications on the EMC-to-PCB Adhesion in Electronic Packages신동길; Y.H. Song[Y.H. Song]; J. Im[J. Im]
201210Influence of compressive load conditions and thickness on the two-way shape memory behavior in tube-shaped NiTi alloy신동길; Yoo, Young Ik[Yoo, Young Ik]; Lee, Chang Ho[Lee, Chang Ho], et al
201401Numerical analysis of the damage behavior of an aluminum/CFRP hybrid beam under three point bending신동길; 김희철[김희철]; 이정주[이정주]
201206Theoretical Analysis of the Deflection of a Cantilever Plate for Wirebonding on Overhang Applications신동길; Lee, Jung Ju[Lee, Jung Ju]
201308Characteristics of aluminum/CFRP short square hollow section beam under transverse quasi-static loading신동길; Kim, Hee Chul[Kim, Hee Chul]; Lee, Jung Ju[Lee, Jung Ju]
201401Analysis of Asymmetric Warpage of Thin Wafers on Flat Plate Considering Bifurcation and Gravitational Force신동길; J.J. LEE[J.J. LEE]
201303Quantitative analysis of the mechanical robustness of multilayered bonding pad on a semiconductor device by nanoindentation and nanoscratch tests신동길; Im, Jay[Im, Jay]
201501Development of single cantilever beam method to measure the adhesion of thin film adhesive on silicon chip신동길; J.J. Lee[J.J. Lee]; C.K. Yoon[C.K. Yoon], et al