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무선 네트워크
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201408Distributed Link Scheduling Under SINR Model in Multihop Wireless Networks최진구; 주창희[주창희]; Junshan Zhang[Junshan Zhang], et al
201508An ID/Locator Separation Based Group Mobility Management in Wireless Body Area Network최진구; Seok-Joo Koh[Seok-Joo Koh]; 모닙고하
201404Duty cycle allocation to maximize network lifetime of wireless sensor networks with delay constraints최진구; 박우길[박우길]; 박세웅[박세웅]
201504Mobility Support Using Locator-Identifier Separation Protocol in 4G Mobile Communication Networks최진구; 박진호[박진호]; 고석주[고석주], et al
201010멀티홉 무선 네트워크에서 큐 결합에 의한 패킷 전송 지연의 영향최진구
201008Extended Proportional Fair Scheduling for Statistical QoS Guarantee in Wireless Networks최진구; 이능형[이능형]; 박세웅[박세웅]
201012Energy efficient transmission scheduling for infrastructure sensor nodes in location systems최진구; 이종욱[이종욱]; 박세웅[박세웅]
201109Optimal Scheduler with Simplified Queue Structure for Multi-Channel Wireless Networks최진구; 최규상
201210Utility Maximization for Arbitrary Traffic in Communication Networks최진구; 박우길[박우길]; 주창희[주창희]
201203Contention based scheduling for femtocell access points in a densely deployed network environment최진구; 윤정균[윤정균]; 윤성국[윤성국], et al
201305Opportunistic downlink data delivery for mobile collaborative communities최진구; 이종욱[이종욱]; 박세웅[박세웅]
201201Analysis of total average queue length in multi-hop wireless networks최진구