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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201407Characterization of a novel composite scaffold consisting of acellular bladder submucosa matrix, polycaprolactone and Pluronic F127 as a substance for bladder reconstruction송필현; 장유진[장유진]; 전소영[전소영], et al
201402Development of Renal Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Scaffold for Kidney Regeneration송필현; 채선영[채선영]; 전소영[전소영], et al
201410Usefulness of urine cytology as a routine work-up in the detection of recurrence in patients with prior non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: Practicality and cost-effectiveness송필현; 옥봉기; 지윤섭, et al
201505Pre-Clinical Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of Human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cell Injection in a Mouse Model of Urinary Incontinence송필현; 최재영[최재영]; 전소영[전소영], et al
201504항생제 Fluoroquinolones의 약동학 및 약력학에 관한 최신 정보송필현; 고영휘
201504Development of a porcine renal extracellular matrix scaffold as a platform for kidney regeneration송필현; Seock Hwan Choi[Seock Hwan Choi]; So Young Chun[So Young Chun], et al
201503Urethroplasty Using Autologous Urethral Tissue-embedded Acellular Porcine Bladder Submucosa Matrix Grafts for the Management of Long-Segment Urethral Stricture in a Rabbit Model송필현; 전소영[전소영]; 김범수[김범수], et al
201209Five-year Outcomes of the Transection of Synthetic Suburethral Sling Tape for Treating Obstructive Voiding Symptoms After Transobturator Sling Surgery송필현; 유은상[유은상]
201401Nontransected Ventral Onlay-augmented Urethroplasty Using Autologous Saphenous Vein Graft in a Rabbit Model of Urethral Stricture송필현; 김범수[김범수]; 김현태[김현태], et al
201211RUNX3 methylation in normal surrounding urothelium of patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: Potential role in the prediction of tumor progression송필현; 정필두[정필두]; 민병달[민병달], et al
201211Cell-free microRNAs in urine as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of bladder cancer송필현; 윤석중[윤석중]; 정필두[정필두], et al
201309Glutathione S-transferase M1 and T1 polymorphisms: Susceptibility and outcomes in muscle invasive bladder cancer patients송필현; 강호원[강호원]; 하윤석[하윤석], et al