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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201409High Reflectance of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Reflector by Double-Layer Structure곽진석; 전철규[전철규]; 김대수[김대수], et al
201409Characteristics of Ion Beam Assisted ITO Thin Films Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering곽진석; 허경찬; 손필국[손필국], et al
201409Electro-Optical Characteristic of Two Domain Normally Black Electrically Controlled Birefringence Mode with Patterned Electrode Structure곽진석; 유승훈; 최규진, et al
201404Size Effect of Light Scattering on the Nano-Sized Color Filter Pigment in Liquid Crystal Display곽진석; 전철규[전철규]
201412Effect of a weak ion beam treatment of emission layer on the top emission polymer light-emitting diode곽진석; 공태원
201412Improved Vertically-Aligned Nematic Mode for High Performance Displays곽진석; 전철규[전철규]
201410박형 디스플레이를 위한 도광판의 광학설계곽진석; 공태원; 최규진, et al
201406Monodispersed Liquid Crystal Droplets Fabricated by the Droplet Break-up Process in the Microfluidic System곽진석; 전철규[전철규]; 김대수[김대수], et al
201506Realization of Multi-Stable Ground States in a Nematic Liquid Crystal by Surface and Electric Field Modification곽진석; 김영기[김영기]; 이창훈[이창훈], et al
201505Four Domain Vertical Aligned Nematic Mode by Rubbing곽진석; 전철규[전철규]
201505Color Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Device with Colored Core-Shell Structure곽진석; 전철규[전철규]; 김대수[김대수], et al
201505Optical Design for Reflective Liquid Crystal Displays곽진석; 최규진
201504Reflective liquid crystal display for better productivity곽진석; 최규진; 히로시 요코야마[히로시 요코야마]
201402Advanced Patterned Vertical Aligned Nematic Mode to Elevate Transmittance곽진석
201002Determination of actual surface azimuthal anchoring strength using a wedge-shaped liquid crystal cell곽진석; 이종훈; 권진혁
201008The surface energy-dictated initial growth of a pentacene film on a polymeric adhesion layer for field-effect transistors곽진석; 박재훈[박재훈]; 배진혁[배진혁], et al
201007Alignment of a Nematic Liquid Crystal on Nano-Grooved Material곽진석; 이종훈; 권진혁, et al
201210Optical multi-stability of bimesogenic cholesteric liquid crystal곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 이종훈, et al
201210Omnidirectionally continuous liquid crystal domain structure for high transmittance vertically aligned nematic mode곽진석; 최윤석[최윤석]; 박민수, et al
201209The Low-Radiation Dosimetry Application of "tris" Lyoluminescence using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance at Low Temperature곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 최석원[최석원], et al
201209Dosimetry by using electron paramagnetic resonance of irradiated single-crystalline Cd0.86Mn0.14Te곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 최석원[최석원], et al
201502Liquid Crystal Lens Array with Thermally Controllable Focal Length and Electrically Convertible Lens Type곽진석; 허경찬; 권진혁
201206Reflective color display using thermochromic pigments곽진석; 허경찬[허경찬]; 손영구, et al
201204Unidirectional Liquid Crystal Pretilt Generation on Asymmetric Nanoscaled Groove Pattern Driven by Atomic Force Microscopic Tip곽진석; 조수인[조수인]; 이유진[이유진], et al
201310Flexible Reflective Color Displays using Thermochromic Pigments곽진석; 허경찬; 손영구, et al
201208Poly-crystallinity of indium-tin-oxide films improved by using simultaneous ion beam and heat treatment of the plastic substrate곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 김태형[김태형], et al
201102SiO_x 나노입자 박막을 이용한 저반사 태양전지 유리패널곽진석; 김종수; 김동호, et al
201101표면형상 구조를 사용한 다중도메인 수직액정디스플레이곽진석; 박민수[박민수]; 황성기[황성기], et al
201212Dosimetry Application of Irradiated D-fructose using the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 최석원[최석원], et al
201212Conductivity of ITO film amplified by multi-step ion beam-treatment on PET layers at room temperature곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 최석원[최석원], et al
201309Simultaneous determination of the pretilt angle and the cell thickness of a liquid crystal cell곽진석
201309Electrical properties of indium-tin-oxide films treated with an intense ion beam current곽진석; 김동호; 유승훈, et al
201308Electro-optical characteristics of two domain normally black-electrically controlled birefringence mode곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 유승훈, et al
201502Shape-modification of patterned nanoparticles by an ion beam treatment곽진석; 허경찬
201106Mixed Field Controlled-Vertically Aligned Nematic Mode with High Transmittance곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 박민수[박민수], et al
201106Transflective Liquid Crystal Display with Pi-Cell곽진석; 전철규[전철규]; 박민수[박민수], et al
201105Microlens array fabricated using electrohydrodynamic instability and surface properties곽진석; 이유진[이유진]; 김영욱[김영욱], et al
201104Single-cell gap-transflective liquid crystal display using two optical modes of a bistable liquid crystal곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 이종훈, et al
201301Polarizer-free liquid crystal display with electrically switchable microlens array곽진석; 이유진[이유진]; 백지호[백지호], et al
201202마이크로 표면형상 액정렌즈의 동적 특성곽진석; 강명구[강명구]; 최상호[최상호], et al
201312Thermally tunable-focus lenticular lens using liquid crystal곽진석; 허경찬; 유승훈, et al
201312A Reflective Display Based on Thermochromic Pigment곽진석; 허경찬; 손필국[손필국], et al
201312Optical Properties of Normally Black-Electrically Controlled Birefringence Mode곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 유승훈, et al
201312Pretilt Preference of Liquid Crystals on Ion- Beam- Treated Polyimide Layer Surfaces곽진석; 손필국[손필국]; 김태형[김태형], et al
201305Determination of surface nematic liquid crystal anchoring strength using nano-scale surface grooves곽진석; 최윤석[최윤석]; 히로시 요코야마[히로시 요코야마]
201304Reflective Thermochromic Display on Polyethylene Naphthalate Film곽진석; 허경찬; 손필국[손필국], et al
201202Anchoring Competition on Nanosurface Boundaries with Conflicting Mixed Nematic Anchoring Properties곽진석; 김영기[김영기]; 이유진[이유진], et al
201502High contrast reflective liquid crystal display using a thermochromic reflector곽진석; 허경찬; 이종훈, et al
201501Effects of an additional magnetic field in ITO thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering곽진석; 허경찬; 손영구