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에너지 및 물질 전달, 나노바이오, 마이크로 칩
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201410Room temperature synthesis and spectral characterizations of Fe3+-doped CdO powder심재술; 변찬; L.V. Krishna Rao[L.V. Krishna Rao], et al
201408BLDC 모터의 온도 및 진동 특성 연구심재술; 손문규[손문규]; 최명환[최명환], et al
201509Structural and photoluminescence studies of Co2+ doped Ca-Li hydroxyapatite nanopowdersK. Ravindranadh[K. Ravindranadh]; B. Babu[B. Babu]; M. C. Rao[M. C. Rao], et al
201407Effect of array and shape of insulating posts on proteins focusing by direct current dielectrophoresis심재술; 김경천[김경천]; 김동[김동], et al
201403Efficient algorithm for simulation of isoelectric focusing심재술; Kisoo Yoo[Kisoo Yoo]; Jin Liu[Jin Liu], et al
201412Determination of histogram type of cell images in microsystem for cell tracking심재술; D. Hong[D. Hong]; M. Cho[M. Cho]
201411Effect of Joule heating on isoelectric focusing of proteins in a microchannel심재술; Kisoo Yoo[Kisoo Yoo]; Prashanta Dutta[Prashanta Dutta]
201405Mathematical and numerical model to study two-dimensional free flow isoelectric focusing심재술; 유기수[유기수]; Jin Liu[Jin Liu], et al
201507Effect of calcination temperature on cobalt substituted cadmium ferrite nanoparticles심재술; 변찬; B. Narendra[B. Narendra], et al
201506Development of capacity modulation compressor based on a two stage rotary compressor - part I: Modeling and simulation of compressor performance심재술; 김경천[김경천]; 이승준[이승준]
201506Investigation of structural, thermal and magnetic properties of cadmium substituted cobalt ferrite nanoparticles심재술; 변찬; B. Narendra[B. Narendra], et al
201505Numerical simulation on the opto-electro-kinetic patterning for rapid concentration of particles in a microchannel심재술; 김동[김동]; 김경천[김경천], et al
201505Effect of Co2+ and Ni2+-doped zinc borate nano crystalline powders by co-precipitation method심재술; 벤카타레디; G.V.S.S. Sarma[G.V.S.S. Sarma], et al
201012A Double-bent Planar Leaf Flexure Guide for a Nano-scanner박은주[박은주]; 심재술; 이동연, et al
201011주사탐침현미경을 위한 정밀 구조 설계이무연[이무연]; 심재술; 이동연
201011Effects of cross-sectional change on the isotachphoresis process for protein-separation chip design심재술; 최홍수[최홍수]; 전영원[전영원], et al
201112공초점 단층 이미지에서 수준별 잡음제거와 클러스터 경계선 추출심재술; 조미경[조미경]; 김진석[김진석]
201012A Compact Vertical Scanner for Atomic Force Microscopes박재홍[박재홍]; 심재술; 이동연
201005Microporous Cell-Laden Hydrogels for Engineered Tissue Constructs심재술; 박재홍 [박재홍 ]; 정봉근[정봉근], et al
201111세포 자동 계수를 위한 광학현미경 이미지 처리심재술; 조미경[조미경]; 문상준[문상준]
201108로터리 컴프레서 진동원 검출을 위한 인텐시티 기법심재술; 김희철; 이동연, et al
201209Joule Heating Effect in Constant Voltage Mode Isotachophoresis in a Microchannel심재술; Prashanta Dutta[Prashanta Dutta]
201401Numerical simulation of external gear pump using immersed solid method심재술; 윤용한; 박병호, et al
201502Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of Fe3+-doped zinc borate powder심재술; 벤카타레디; 변찬, et al
201310Prediction of gas pulsation of an industrial compressor심재술; 김희철; 조미경[조미경], et al
201207Preparation and application of the 3C-SiC substrate to piezoelectric micro cantilever transducers심재술; 최기영[최기영]; 최덕균[최덕균], et al
201207Coherence technique for noise reduction in rotary compressor심재술; 김희철; 조미경[조미경], et al
201101Determination of Traces of Pd(II) in Spiked Samples by Using 3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehydeisonicotinol-hydrazone as a Chelating Agent with UV Visible Spectrophotometer심재술; S. Lakshmi naraayana[S. Lakshmi naraayana]; 이동연, et al
201308Biological Applications of Thiosemicarbazones and Their Metal Complexes심재술; n. Rama Jyothi[n. Rama Jyothi]; N.A. Mohammad Farook[N.A. Mohammad Farook]
201308Multi-stage diagnostic system for reciprocating compressor using DTW technique심재술; 김희철; 조미경[조미경]
201308Cytotoxic Activities of Thiosemicarbazones and Their Metal Complexes심재술; N. Rama Jyothi[N. Rama Jyothi]; N.A. Mohammad Farook[N.A. Mohammad Farook], et al
201307Analysis and Speciation of Chromium in Environmental Matrices by Various Analytical Techniques심재술; N. Rama Jyothi[N. Rama Jyothi]; N.A. MOHAMMAD FAROOK[N.A. MOHAMMAD FAROOK], et al
201502Synthesis and characterization of VO2+ doped ZnO-CdS composite nanopowder심재술; G. Thirumala Rao[G. Thirumala Rao]; B. Babu[B. Babu], et al
201105NAH기법을 이용한 공조용 컴프레서 소음저감 응용심재술; 김희철; 이동연, et al
201104A method to determine quasi-steady state in constant voltage mode isotachophoresis심재술; Prashanta Dutta[Prashanta Dutta]; 조미경[조미경]
201310A Review on Nano Applications: Fluids and Heat Transfer심재술; 윤용한
201311Development of heat dissipation measuring system for 1.2-kW BLDC motor심재술; 황평; 이인준, et al
201305서버 클라이언트 기반의 실시간 마이크로칩 형광 이미지 분석 시스템 개발심재술; 조미경[조미경]
201304Cluster cell separation algorithm for automated cell tracking심재술; 조미경[조미경]
201202외부 유동을 고려한 1.2[kW] BLDC 모터의 열 전달 해석심재술; 황하영[황하영]; 정태욱[정태욱], et al
201201Performance analysis and experiment of new 3D rotary compressor심재술; 배철호; 이승준[이승준]
201501EPR and Optical Studies of Fe3+-Doped Ca-Li Hydroxyapatite Nanopowder: Mechanochemical Synthesis심재술; 벤카타레디; K. Ravindranadh[K. Ravindranadh], et al