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201409The effect of metal-doped TiO2 nanoparticles on zebrafish embryogenesis강미숙; 박형근[박형근]; 김정인[김정인], et al
201409The photovoltaic efficiency of dye sensitized solar cell assembled using carbon capsulated TiO2 electrode강미숙; 주태일; 이호정
201409Study of various Sb2S3 nanostructures synthesized by simple solvothermal and hydrothermal methods강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; N. Muthukumarasamy[N. Muthukumarasamy]
201409Hydrogen rich production by ethanol steam reforming reaction over Mn/Co10Si90MCM-48 catalysts강미숙; 이가영; 김동진, et al
201409Closely packed dense network rutile nanorods with gadolinium for efficient dye sensitized solar cells강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; 김동진, et al
201409Synthesis of Core@shell Structured CuFeS2@TiO2 Magnetic Nanomaterial and Its Application for Hydrogen Production by Methanol Aqueous Solution Photosplitting강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭, et al
201408Enhanced 2-Chorophenol Photodecomposition using Nano-Sized Mn-incorporated TiO2 Powders Prepared by a Solvothermal Method강미숙; 김동진; 임영환, et al
201509Electrochemical Performance of a Thin Fabric ZnO Anodic Material in a Free Membrane Ni-Zn Battery강미숙; 강소라; 박상선[박상선]
201509Facile synthesis, characterization and recyclable photocatalytic activity of Ag2WO4@g-C3N4강미숙; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨
201509Dramatic CO2 photoreduction with H2O vapors for CH4 production using the TiO2 (bottom)/Fe-TiO2 (top) double-layered films강미숙; 도정연; 곽병섭, et al
201407Design of a photochemical water electrolysis system based on a W-typed dye-sensitized serial solar module for high hydrogen production강미숙; 곽병섭; 채진호[채진호]
201407Synthesis of Submicron Hexagonal Plate-Type SnS2 and Band Gap-Tuned Sn1-xTixS2 Materials and Their Hydrogen Production Abilities on Methanol/Water Photosplitting강미숙; 김강민; 곽병섭, et al
201407Design of a Free-Ruthenium In2S3 Crystalline Photosensitized Solar Cell강미숙; 곽병섭; 임영환
201404Ball/dumbbell-like structured micrometer-sized Sb2S3 particles as a scattering layer in dye-sensitized solar cells강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; N. Muthukumarasamy[N. Muthukumarasamy]
201404ZnO Nanorods Based Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Sensitized using Natural Dyes Extracted from Beetroot, Rose and Strawberry강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; N. Muthukumarasamy[N. Muthukumarasamy]
201403Synthesis of ionic liquids based on alkylimidazolium salts and their coal dissolution and dispersion properties강미숙; 김진원; 김동진, et al
201403Effect of AlF3 seed concentrations and calcination temperatures on the crystal growth of hexagonally shaped alpha-alumina powders강미숙; 김현수; 박노국, et al
201403Physicochemical properties of Ni-loaded yttrium stabilized zirconia nanotubes for solid oxide fuel cells강미숙; 김동진; 김현수, et al
201403Physicochemical properties of cubic Ni complex powders synthesized using urotropine chelating ligand for solid oxide fuel cells강미숙; 김지은; 최병현[최병현]
201412Photocatalytic activity of magnetically recoverable MnFe2O4/g-C3N4/TiO2 nanocomposite under simulated solar light irradiation강미숙; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨; 민봉기, et al
201412Effects of Pd-Rh Composition and CeZrO2-Modification of Al2O3 on Performance of Metal-Foam-Coated Pd-Rh/Al2O3 Catalyst for Steam Reforming of Model BiogasPARTHO ROY[PARTHO ROY]; 강미숙; 김기석
201412Enhancement of Hydrogen Production from MeOH/H2O Photo-Splitting Using Micro-/Nano-Structured SrSnO3/TiO2 Composite Catalysts강미숙; 김강민; 강소라, et al
201411Preparation of AlN powder using mesoporous alumina and its characterization강미숙; 김영희[김영희]; 김은비[김은비], et al
201411Synthesis of egg-shaped core@shell structured CuS@TiO2 particle and its thermal stability강미숙; 임영환; 곽병섭
201411Characteristics of nano-sized perovskite structured LaSrMn derived from hydrothermally synthesized amorphous LaSrMn oxide powder강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭, et al
201411Synthesis of Ni-alkaline earth metals particles encapsulated by porous SiO2 (NiMO@SiO2) and their catalytic performances on ethanol steam reforming강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭
201411Synthesis and photoelectric properties of visible sensitive SnS2-linked graphene composites강미숙; 곽병섭; 이호정
201405N-Aryl group influences on the properties of umbrella-shaped thiophene-(N-aryl)pyrrole-thiophene dyes강미숙; Vellaiappillai Tamilavan[Vellaiappillai Tamilavan]; Hye-Bin Kim[Hye-Bin Kim], et al
201405Synthesis of magnetically separable core@shell structured NiFe2O4@TiO2 nanomaterial and its use for photocatalytic hydrogen production by methanol/water splitting강미숙; 김현수; 김동진, et al
201508Effect of MnOx in the catalytic stabilization of Co2MnO4 spinel during the ethanol steam reforming reaction강미숙; 곽병섭; 이가영, et al
201508Efficient Removal of Bisphenol A by an Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation-type UV/H2O2/Fe-loaded TiO2 System강미숙; 강소라; 도정연, et al
201507Hydrogen generation over 30Co(x)V(y)/70SBA-15 mesoporous materials well-balanced by Co and V co-doping강미숙; 이가영; 곽병섭, et al
201506Meso-porous ZnO nano-triangles @ graphitic-C3N4 nano-foils: Fabrication and Recyclable photocatalytic activity강미숙; 곽병섭; 강소라, et al
201505Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with H2O using perovskite CaxTiyO3강미숙; 곽병섭
201503Characterization of Ni and W co-loaded SBA-15 catalyst and its hydrogen production catalytic ability on ethanol steam reforming reaction강미숙; 김동진; 곽병섭, et al
201503Facile synthesis of meso-porous ZnO nano-triangular prisms with enhanced photocatalytic activity강미숙; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨; 곽병섭, et al
201503Methane formation from photoreduction of CO2 with water using TiO2 including Ni ingredient강미숙; 곽병섭; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨, et al
201402Synthesis of N-doped TiO2 particles from aquaethylenediaminetitanium(IV) hydroxide complex and their optical properties on dye-sensitized solar cells강미숙; 이현주
201004Comparison of the photovoltaic efficiency on DSSC for nanometer sized TiO2 using a conventional sol-gel and solvothermal methods강미숙; 이예지[이예지]; 채진호[채진호]
201004The optical properties of nanoporous structured titanium dioxide and the photovoltaic efficiency on DSSC강미숙; 이예지[이예지]
201003Solvothermal 법에 의해 제조된 Sn-TiO2 나노 반도체 촉매 상에서의 수중 부유 톨루엔 광분해 반응강미숙; 김지연[김지연]; 김지은[김지은]
201003The effect of nano-scale Zn-doped TiO2 and pure TiO2 particles on Hydra magnipapillata강미숙; 여민경[여민경]
201003Synthesis of the hexagonal pillar shaped ZnOs using a hydrothermal method강미숙; 이주현[이주현]; 채진호[채진호], et al
201003Hydrogen production from butane steam reforming over Ni/Ag loaded MgAl2O4 catalyst강미숙; 정하림[정하림]
201002TiO2/Carbon Composites Prepared from Rice Husk and the Removal of Bisphenol A in Photocatalytic Liquid System강미숙; 김지연[김지연]; 곽병섭[곽병섭]
201011Photovoltaic efficiency on dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) assembled using Ga-incorporated TiO2 materials강미숙; 채진호[채진호]; 김수정[김수정], et al
201011Hydrogen production from ethanol steam reforming over core-shell structured NiOxOy-, FexOy-, and CoxOy-Pd catalysts강미숙; 곽병섭[곽병섭]; 김지연[김지연]
201010Dynamic Rapid Synthesis of Bis(2,2 '-bipyridine)nitrato Zinc (II) Nitrate Using a Microwave Method and its Application to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC)강미숙; 김영미[김영미]; 김수정[김수정], et al
201009Enhanced photoelectric efficiency by surface modification of TiO2 thin film using various acidic species강미숙; 정하림[정하림]; 이예지[이예지], et al
201112Hydrogen-rich gas production from ethanol steam reforming over Ni/Ga/Mg/Zeolite Y catalysts at mild temperature강미숙; 곽병섭[곽병섭]; 이준수[이준수], et al
201109Characteristics of Ni/3d Series Transition Metal/gamma-Al2O3 Catalysts and their Hydrogen Production Abilities from Butane Steam Reforming강미숙; 이준수[이준수]; 최병현[최병현], et al
201109Synthesis of Zr-incorporated TiO2 Using a Solvothermal Method and its Photovoltaic Efficiency on Dye-sensitized Solar Cells강미숙; 김수정[김수정]
201211Preparation of Nanosized alpha-Al2O3 Particles Using a Microwave Pretreatment at Mild Temperature강미숙; 김현수; 이태진, et al
201210Photovoltaic Efficiencies on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Assembled with Graphene-Linked TiO2 Anode Films강미숙; 김아영; 김지은, et al
201210Diversification of photoelectric efficiency on DSSCs assembled according to the change of coating layers of P-x-TiO2 films강미숙; 김동영
201209Sn 함침-티타니아 나노입자와 나노튜브에 놓인 2-Chlorophenol 광 분해 성능강미숙; 김현수; 이가영, et al
201209Light Scattering Amplification on Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Assembled by Hollyhock-shaped CdS-TiO2 Composites강미숙; 이가영; 이후률, et al
201209Newly designed dye-sensitized solar cells fabricated with double-layered TiO2 (bottom layer)/B-x-TiO2 (top layer) combined electrodes for improved photocurrent강미숙; 김지은; 이현주
201502Synthesis of Cubic Alpha-Alumina Using a Blocking Reagent of Tetraethyl Ammonium Hydroxide강미숙; 김현수; 박노국, et al
201206Effect of Al-Cu Bimetallic Components in a TiO2 Framework for High Hydrogen Production on Methanol/Water Photo-Splitting강미숙; 김아영[김아영]
201205Hydrogen production from methanol steam reforming over Cu-Ti-P oxide catalysts강미숙; 김수정[김수정]
201205High photocatalytic hydrogen production over the band gap-tuned urchin-like Bi2S3-loaded TiO2 composites system강미숙; 김지연[김지연]
201204Enhancement of Photocurrent Efficiency in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Using Nanometer-sized Y-incorporated TiO2 Materials강미숙; 김수정[김수정]; 여민경[여민경], et al
201204High efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells based on multilayer stacked TiO2 nanoparticle/nanotube photoelectrodes강미숙; 김아영[김아영]
201310Effect of multilayer on structural property and power conversion efficiency of DSSCs prepared by spin coating method강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; N. MUTHUKUMARASAMY[N. MUTHUKUMARASAMY]
201310Improved performance of ZnO thin film solar cells by doping magnesium ions강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; N. Muthukumarasamy[N. Muthukumarasamy]
201310Rapid crystal phase transformation into hexagonally shaped alpha-alumina using AlF3 seeds강미숙; 김현수
201208Low temperature steam reforming of ethanol for carbon monoxide-free hydrogen production over mesoporous Sn-incorporated SBA-15 catalysts강미숙; 이준성; 한기보[한기보]
201207A Newly Designed a TiO2-Loaded Spherical ZnS Nano/Micro-Composites for High Hydrogen Production from Methanol/Water Solution Photo-Splitting강미숙; 김지은[김지은]
201207High-Efficiently Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production over Zn-Incorporated TiO2 Nanotubes강미숙; 이가영[이가영]; 여민경[여민경], et al
201101Rapid synthesis of bis (2,2 '-bipyridine) nitratocopper(II) nitrate using a hydrothermal method and its application to dye-sensitized solar cells강미숙; 김영미[김영미]; 정종화[정종화]
201212티타늄 함유 텅스텐 산화물 광촉매를 이용한 메탄올/물 분해로부터 수소제조강미숙; 이가영; 박유진, et al
201212The biological toxicities of two crystalline phases and differential sizes of TiO2 nanoparticles during zebrafish embryogenesis development강미숙; 여민경[여민경]
201212Synthesis of alpha-Al2O3 at mild temperatures by controlling aluminum precursor, pH, and ethylenediamine chelating additive강미숙; 이준성; 김현수, et al
201212Low Temperature Synthesis of Hexagonal Shaped alpha-Al2O3 Using a Solvothermal Method강미숙; 김아영; 김현수, et al
201309Physicochemical properties of core/shell structured pyrite FeS2/anatase TiO2 composites and their photocatalytic hydrogen production performances강미숙; 이가영
201308Perovskite NbxSrTi1-xO3 광 촉매를 이용한 메탄올/물 분해로부터 수소제조강미숙; 김동진; 한기보[한기보], et al
201308Effect of bath temperature on the performance of ZnO nanorod-based thin film solar cells강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; 김아영, et al
201308Improved performance of dye sensitized ZnO nanorod solar cells prepared using TiO2 seed layer강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; 김아영, et al
201308Low temperature synthesis of alpha-alumina from aluminum hydroxide hydrothermally synthesized using [Al(C2O4)(x)(OH)(y)] complexes강미숙; 이준성; 박노국, et al
201307Applications of highly ordered paddle wheel like structured ZnO nanorods in dye sensitized solar cells강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; N.Muthukumarasamy[N.Muthukumarasamy]
201307Effect of acid treatment and dipping time on the performance of CdS quantum dot solar cells강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌; Natarajan Muthukumarasamy[Natarajan Muthukumarasamy]
201307Preparation of 27Ni(6)Zr(4)O(14)3M(M=Mg, Ca, Sr, or Ba)O/70 Zeolite Y Catalysts and Hydrogen-rich Gas Production by Ethanol Steam Reforming강미숙; 김동진; 이준수, et al
201307Synthesis of characterization of ZnxTiyS and its photocatalytic activity for hydrogen production from methanol/water photo-splitting강미숙; 이현주; 박유진
201401Structural optimization of thiophene-(N-aryl)pyrrole-thiophene-based metal-free organic sensitizer for the enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance강미숙; 김아영; 현명호[현명호], et al
201502Dynamic hydrogen production from ethanol steam-reforming reaction on NixMoy/SBA-15 catalytic system강미숙; 김동진; 곽병섭, et al
201106Hydrogen Production from Ethanol Steam Reforming over SnO2-K2O/Zeolite Y Catalyst강미숙; 이준성[이준성]; 김지은[김지은]
201105Synthesis of Nanoporous Structured SnO2 and its Photocatalytic Ability for Bisphenol A Destruction강미숙; 김지은[김지은]; 이준성[이준성]
201105Synthesis of group IA alkali metal-aluminosilicates, and their hydrogen production abilities on methanol thermal decomposition강미숙; 이주현[이주현]; 이준수[이준수]
201104Cubic titanium dioxide photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cells강미숙; 채진호[채진호]
201103P와B 이온이 함유된 나노 티타니아 광촉매의 광 전기화학적 수소 제조 성능강미숙; 곽병섭[곽병섭]; 최희찬[최희찬], et al
201302New fan blade-like core-shell Sb2TixSy photocatalytic nanorod for hydrogen production from methanol/water photolysis강미숙; 김지연; 손영구
201312Dynamic Hydrogen Production from Methanol/Water Photo-Splitting Using Core@Shell-Structured CuS@TiO2 Catalyst Wrapped by High Concentrated TiO2 Particles강미숙; 임영환; 강소라, et al
201311Direct synthesis of nano/micro co-porous Ni/NiO composite powders using EDA and mild heat treatment강미숙; 김지은; 최병현[최병현]
201311Hydrogen-rich gas production from ethanol steam-reforming reaction using NiZr-loaded MCM-48 catalysts at mild temperature강미숙; 이준수; 김동진, et al
201304Transparent Thin Film Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Prepared by Sol-Gel Method강미숙; 센틸또띠팔라얌
201304Synthesis of Octahedral-Shaped NiO and Approaches to an Anode Material of Manufactured Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using the Decalcomania Method강미숙; 이후률; 조해란[조해란], et al
201303TiO2 나노 입자의 크기와 결정 구조가 염료감응형 태양전지의 광전 효율에 미치는 영향강미숙; 이현주; 박노국, et al
201201The photovoltaic efficiencies on dye sensitized solar cells assembled with nanoporous carbon/TiO2 composites강미숙; 김동영[김동영]; 김지연[김지연], et al
201201Synthesis of spherical NiO nanoparticles using a solvothermal treatment with acetone solvent강미숙; 곽병섭[곽병섭]; 최병현[최병현], et al
201501Designing of YVO4 supported beta-AgI nano-photocatalyst with improved stability강미숙; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨; A. Suganthi[A. Suganthi], et al
201501Fabrication of meso-porous BiOI sensitized zirconia nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity under simulated solar light irradiation강미숙; 비그니쉬쿠마라벨; 민봉기, et al
201501Improved photovoltaic efficiency on TiO2/In2S3 double layered electrodes강미숙; 김아영; 센틸또띠팔라얌, et al