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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201409Recanalization Therapy for Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion Presenting as Acute Ischemic Stroke이준; Jeong-Ho Hong[Jeong-Ho Hong]; Jihoon Kang[Jihoon Kang], et al
201409MRI-based Algorithm for Acute Ischemic Stroke Subtype Classification이준; Youngchai Ko[Youngchai Ko]; SooJoo Lee[SooJoo Lee], et al
201408가역적인 관류지연을 보인 조짐편두통이준; 류성근[류성근]; 주민경[주민경], et al
201408Gender differences in the age-stratified prevalence of risk factors in Korean ischemic stroke patients: a nationwide stroke registry-based cross-sectional study이준; Tai Hwan Park[Tai Hwan Park]; Youngchai Ko[Youngchai Ko], et al
201408Off-Hour Effect on 3-Month Functional Outcome after Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Prospective Multicenter Registry이준; Chulho Kim[Chulho Kim]; Min Uk Jang[Min Uk Jang], et al
201402The iScore Predicts Clinical Response to Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Korean Stroke Patients이준; 박태환[박태환]; 박상순[박상순], et al
201412Grading and Interpretation of White Matter Hyperintensities Using Statistical Maps이준; Wi-Sun Ryu[Wi-Sun Ryu]; Sung-Ho Woo[Sung-Ho Woo], et al
201411Internet-based Control Recruitment for a Case-Control Study of Major Risk Factors for Stroke in Korea: Lessons from the Experience이준; Jong-Moo Park[Jong-Moo Park]; Yong-Jin Cho[Yong-Jin Cho], et al
201406Current status of acute stroke management in Korea: a report on a multicenter, comprehensive acute stroke registry이준; Beom Joon Kim[Beom Joon Kim]; Moon-Ku Han[Moon-Ku Han], et al
201405Current Status of Recanalization Therapy in Acute Ischemic Stroke with Symptomatic Intracranial Arterial Occlusion in Korea이준; Min Uk Jang[Min Uk Jang]; Jeong-Ho Hong[Jeong-Ho Hong], et al
201504Trends in the Effectiveness of Endovascular Recanalization for Acute Stroke: Is a Change Taking Place?이준; 김범준[김범준]; 한문구[한문구], et al
201004Ischemic Stroke in Cancer Patients With and Without Conventional Mechanisms A Multicenter Study in Korea이준; Seon Gyeong Kim[Seon Gyeong Kim]; Ji Man Hong[Ji Man Hong], et al
201009Capsular warning syndrome caused by middle cerebral artery stenosis이준; Gregory W. Albers[Gregory W. Albers]; Michael P. Marks[Michael P. Marks], et al
201109Patterns of dissociate torsional-vertical nystagmus in internuclear ophthalmoplegia이준; Seong-Hae Jeong[Seong-Hae Jeong]; Eung Kyu Kim[Eung Kyu Kim], et al
201401Symptomatic steno-occlusion in patients with acute cerebral infarction: Prevalence, distribution, and functional outcome이준; Jihoon Kang[Jihoon Kang]; Tai Hwan Park[Tai Hwan Park], et al
201212Risk Factors and Stroke Mechanisms in Atherosclerotic Stroke Intracranial Compared With Extracranial and Anterior Compared With Posterior Circulation Disease이준; Jong S. Kim[Jong S. Kim]; Hyun-Wook Nah[Hyun-Wook Nah], et al
201212Reperfusion Therapy in Unclear-Onset Stroke Based on MRI Evaluation (RESTORE) A Prospective Multicenter Study이준; 강동화[강동화]; 손성일[손성일], et al
201211스트레스적혈구증가증을 동반한 급성뇌경색증 환자의 자화율강조자기공명영상 소견이준; 김두현; 김나영
201106Ischemic Stroke and Cancer: Stroke Severely Impacts Cancer Patients, While Cancer Increases the Number of Strokes이준; Oh Young Bang[Oh Young Bang]; jin Myoung Seok[jin Myoung Seok], et al
201106RAPID Automated Patient Selection for Reperfusion Therapy A Pooled Analysis of the Echoplanar Imaging Thrombolytic Evaluation Trial (EPITHET) and the Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging Evaluation for Understanding Stroke Evolution (DEFUSE) Study이준; Maarten G Lansberg[Maarten G Lansberg]; Soren Christensen[Soren Christensen], et al
201105Refining the Definition of the Malignant Profile Insights From the DEFUSE-EPITHET Pooled Data Set이준; Michael mlynash[Michael mlynash]; Maarten G. Lansberg[Maarten G. Lansberg], et al
201305The iScore Predicts Functional Outcome in Korean Patients With Ischemic Stroke이준; 박태환[박태환]; Saposnik Gustavo[Saposnik Gustavo], et al
201501Case Characteristics, Hyperacute Treatment, and Outcome information from the Clinical Research Center for Stroke-Fifth Division Registry in South Korea이준; Beom Joon Kim[Beom Joon Kim]; Jong-Moo Park[Jong-Moo Park], et al