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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201402Characteristics of biohydrogen fermentation from various substrates안영호; 최정동
201412Increased power generation from primary sludge in microbial fuel cells coupled with prefermentation안영호; 최정동
201412Performance of high-rate constructed phytoremediation process with attached growth for domestic wastewater treatment: Effect of high TDS and Cu안영호; 알리레자마란디; 나자닌 함나바드[나자닌 함나바드], et al
201406Effect of hydrogen producing mixed culture on performance of microbial fuel cells안영호; 최정동
201406Comparative performance of air-lift partial nitritation processes with attached growth and suspended growth without biomass retention안영호; 최정동
201505Enhanced bioelectricity harvesting in microbial fuel cells treating food waste leachate produced from biohydrogen fermentation안영호; 최정동
201503Biohydrogen Fermentation from Sucrose and Piggery Waste with High Levels of Bicarbonate Alkalinity안영호; 최정동
201001Effectiveness of domestic wastewater treatment using microbial fuel cells at ambient and mesophilic temperatures안영호; Bruce E. Logan[Bruce E. Logan]
201210Impedance and Thermodynamic Analysis of Bioanode, Abiotic Anode, and Riboflavin-Amended Anode in Microbial Fuel Cells안영호; Sokhee Jung[Sokhee Jung]; Sang-Eun Oh[Sang-Eun Oh], et al
201306Increased hydrazine during partial nitritation process in upflow air-lift reactor fed with supernatant of anaerobic digester effluent안영호; 최정동 [최정동 ]; 정석희[정석희]
201311Continuous electricity generation in stacked air cathode microbial fuel cell treating domestic wastewater안영호; 최정동[최정동]
201501Effectiveness of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Using a Bio-Hedge Water Hyacinth Wetland System안영호; 알리레자마란디; 벤카트라만 라만[벤카트라만 라만]