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메디컬생체재료, 고분자물성
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201410Fabrication of cellulose-based scaffold with microarchitecture using a leaching technique for biomedical applications한성수; 신은주[신은주]; 최순모, et al
201410Nano-Biomimetics for Nano/Micro Tissue Regeneration한성수; 딥티싱; 돌리싱, et al
201411Novel Alginate-Gelatin Hybrid Nanoparticle for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Applications한성수; 딥티싱; 이은미, et al
201505Engineering and Optimization of Three-Dimensional Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Gelatin Matrix to Mimic Skin Tissue한성수; 최순모
201504Three Dimensional Polymeric Matrix and Terminalia chebula Synergitic Effect on Human Lung Cells한성수; 돌리싱; 딥티싱
201309Fumigation in Ayurveda: Potential strategy for drug discovery and drug delivery한성수; 체타라비쉬누프라사드; Nediyamparambu Sukumaran Pradeep[Nediyamparambu Sukumaran Pradeep], et al
201307Engineering three-dimensional macroporous hydroxyethyl methacrylate-alginate-gelatin cryogel for growth and proliferation of lung epithelial cells한성수; 딥티싱; 조선미, et al
201302Porous Three-Dimensional PVA/Gelatin Sponge for Skin Tissue Engineering한성수; 최순모; 딥티싱, et al
201312Automatic human body segmentation based on feature extraction한성수; 최순모; 조준우, et al
201312Functionalizing cellulose scaffold prepared by ionic liquid with bovine serum albumin for biomedical application한성수; 신은주; 최순모, et al
201303Macroporous matrix for cartilage tissue engineering한성수; 딥티싱; 조선미, et al