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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201408The development of the direct strength method for welded steel members with buckling interactions권영봉
201407Structural stability of fire-resistant steel (FR490) H-section columns at elevated temperatures권영봉; 권인규[권인규]
201006국부좌굴과 뒤틀림좌굴이 발생하는 종방향 보강재로 보강된 강판의 압축강도권영봉; 박호상[박호상]; 서상정[서상정]
201406Resistance of rectangular concrete-filled tubular (CFT) sections to the axial load and combined axial compression and bending권영봉; 정인규
201406Compression tests of cold-formed channel sections with perforations in the web권영봉; 김갑득[김갑득]; 권인규[권인규]
201504용접형강의 직접강도법 개발에 관한 연구 고찰권영봉; 류승완; 박성웅
201107Compression tests of longitudinally stiffened plates undergoing distortional buckling권영봉; 박호상[박호상]
201112국부좌굴이 발생하는 H-형강 휨부재의 강도에 관한 연구권영봉; 서상정[서상정]; 서건호[서건호]
201210Determination of limiting temperatures for H-section and hollow section columns권영봉; 권인규[권인규]
201205Prediction of the flexural strengths of welded H-sections with local buckling권영봉; 서건호[서건호]
201204복부에 슬릿이 있는 박판냉간성형형강 스터드의 압축강도권영봉; 서응규; 임덕만, et al
201101Prediction of the squash loads of concrete-filled tubular section columns with local buckling권영봉; 서상정[서상정]; 강두원[강두원]
201307Prediction of the compressive strength of welded RHS columns undergoing buckling interaction권영봉; 서응규[서응규]
201203Experimental Study on the Fire Resistance of Steel Columns Protected with Fire Boards권영봉; 권인규[권인규]