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전산유체역학,항공열역학, 공학설계, Design Thinking
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201402Optimum Design of a Saw-Tooth-Shaped Dental Air-Turbine using Design of Experiment송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 류경진
201004A Design Study of an Air-twist Nozzle by Analysis of Fluid Flow송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 전두환
201001Influence of Asymmetric Transition Conditions on a Slender-Body Flight Vehicle송동주; 임설[임설]; 김상덕[김상덕]
201107효율적인 기계공학 이수체계에 관한 연구송동주; 하일규
201112A computational study of the effect of angles of attack on a double-cone type supersonic inlet with a bleeding system송동주; 류경진[류경진]; 임설[임설]
201209Experimental study of optimum filter system design of high purity polymer thread machine송동주; 강동진; 류경진
201211합리적 기계공학 교육과정 및 인증기준에 관한 연구송동주; 하일규
201308Influence of mechanical ventilation-shaft connecting location on subway tunnel ventilation performance송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 류경진, et al
201308Gate shape optimization using design of experiment to reduce the shear rate around the gate송동주; 막슈다쥬레바; 류경진
201308A computational analysis of the airflow in a twin-track subway tunnel with a sliding-curtain to improve ventilation performance송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 류경진, et al
201105A computational analysis of the train-wind to identify the best position for the air-curtain installation송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 이준호[이준호]
201103지식기반사회 공학교육의 발전방향 탐색: EAC를 넘어 EAL로송동주; 편경희[편경희]
201203An optimum design study of the yarn-channel shape of the air-interlacing nozzle by analysis of fluid flow송동주; 막슈다 쥬레바[막슈다 쥬레바]; 류경진[류경진]
201202The influence of Chine nose shapes on a slender body flight vehicle at high angles of attack송동주; 임설[임설]; 김상덕[김상덕]