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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201405Periosteal Osteosarcoma Arising from the Rib and Scapula: Imaging Features in Two Cases조길호; 홍재범; 최준혁
201507Ultrasonography of soft tissue “oops lesions”조길호; 정혜원[정혜원]
201507Postoperative ultrasonography of the musculoskeletal system조길호; 천경아[천경아]
201001Ultrasound Diagnosis of Either an Occult or Missed Fracture of an Extremity in Pediatric-Aged Children조길호; 이성문[이성문]; 이영환[이영환], et al
201010Subungual Tumors: Clinicopathologic Correlation with US and MR Imaging Findings조길호; 최준혁; 백혜진[백혜진], et al
201111Radiologic findings of adult pelvis and appendicular skeletal Langerhans cell histiocytosis in nine patients조길호; 송유선[송유선]; 이인숙[이인숙], et al
201110MRI of chondromyxoid fibroma조길호; 김현수[김현수]; 지원희[지원희], et al
201210Ultrasound of the foot and ankle조길호; Gervais K-L Wansaicheong[Gervais K-L Wansaicheong]
201209무릎의 초음파 진단조길호; 박재일[박재일]; 김미정[김미정]
201207CT and MRI of fibrous dysplasia of the spine조길호; S K PARK[S K PARK]; 이인숙[이인숙], et al
201308편측성 골단 이형성증(트레버 질환)의 영상소견: 2예 보고조길호; 서장호
201104T2 강조 MR 영상에서 저신호강도를 보이는 윤활막 질환조길호; 추혜정[추혜정]; 이선주[이선주], et al
201303고관절 통증에서 초음파검사의 유용성조길호; 여수현[여수현]; 이성문[이성문]