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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201409Quantitative and pattern recognition analyses of magnoflorine, spinosin, 6 '''-feruloyl spinosin and jujuboside A by HPLC in Zizyphi Semen손종근; 김원일[김원일]; 조병천[조병천], et al
201508Quality evaluation of Perillae Folium by HPLC/PDA손종근; 조병천[조병천]; 이강로[이강로], et al
201508Quality evaluation and pattern recognition analyses of marker compounds from five medicinal drugs of Rutaceae family by HPLC/PDA손종근; 조병천[조병천]; 김은정[김은정], et al
201407Quantitative Determination of Compounds from Akebia quinata by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography손종근; Nguyen Thi Yen[Nguyen Thi Yen]; Nguyen Van Thu[Nguyen Van Thu], et al
201404Effect of sauchinone, a lignan from Saururus chinensis, on bacterial phagocytosis by macrophages손종근; Kyung-MinJeong[Kyung-MinJeong]; Jeong-IlChoi[Jeong-IlChoi], et al
201412Quantitative and classification analyses of lupenone and β-sitosterol by GC-FID in Adenophora triphylla var. japonica Hara and Codonopsis lanceolata손종근; 김원일[김원일]; 조병천[조병천], et al
201406alpha-spinasterol from Melandrium firmum attenuates benign prostatic hyperplasia in a rat model손종근; 신현규[신현규]; 이미영[이미영], et al
201406(-)-Catechin glycosides from Ulmus davidiana손종근; Ming-Shan Zheng[Ming-Shan Zheng]; Mohammed Hosny[Mohammed Hosny], et al
201508Methyl Protodioscin from the Roots of Asparagus cochinchinensis Attenuates Airway Inflammation by Inhibiting Cytokine Production손종근; 이주희[이주희]; 임훈제[임훈제], et al
201507Quality Evaluation and Pattern Recognition Analyses of Bioactive Marker Compounds from Farfarae Flos Using HPLC/PDA손종근; U Min Seo[U Min Seo]; Bing Tian Zhao[Bing Tian Zhao], et al
201505Quality evaluation of Carthami Flos by HPLC-UV손종근; 이응; 박동근, et al
201504Two new conjugated ketonic fatty acids from the stem bark of JuglJuglans mandshurica손종근; YAO Da-Lei[YAO Da-Lei]; ZHANG Chang-Hao[ZHANG Chang-Hao], et al
201504Chemical constituents from the leaves of Juglans mandshuricaDa Lei Yao[Da Lei Yao]; Chang Hao Zhang[Chang Hao Zhang]; Jie Luo[Jie Luo], et al
201108Effect of Saucerneol D on Melanin Production in cAMP-Elevated Melanocytes손종근; 윤지영[윤지영]; 노은미리[노은미리], et al
201107Batatasin I, a Naturally Occurring Phenanthrene Derivative, Isolated from Tuberous Roots of Dioscorea batatas Suppresses Eicosanoids Generation and Degranulation in Bone Marrow Derived-Mast Cells손종근; 장현욱; 유예, et al
201011Quantitative and Pattern Recognition Analyses for the Quality Evaluation of Magnoliae Flos by HPLC손종근; 우미희[우미희]; 방철[방철], et al
201010Quantitative Analyses for the Quality Evaluation of Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix by HPLC손종근; 방철[방철]; 문동철[문동철], et al
201009Inhibition of DNA Topoisomerases I and II and Cytotoxicity of Compounds from Ulmus davidiana var. japonica손종근; 정명선; 이연경, et al
201008Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Constituents Isolated from Ulmus davidiana var. japonica손종근; 정명선; 양주혜, et al
201006Protective effects of Ulmus davidiana var. japonica against OVA-induced murine asthma model via upregulation of heme oxygenase-1손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 서창섭[서창섭], et al
201006Sauchinone, a lignan from Saururus chinensis, reduces tumor necrosis factor-alpha production through the inhibition of c-raf/MEK1/2/ERK 1/2 pathway activation손종근; 배홍범[배홍범]; 이 명[이 명], et al
201112Quantitative Analysis for the Quality Evaluation of Scutellariae Radix by HPLC/UVD손종근; 정수양[정수양]; 문동철[문동철], et al
201109Topoisomerase I and II Inhibitory Activities and Cytotoxic Constituents from the Barks of Tilia amurnesis손종근; 박동근; 이유정, et al
201109Manassantin A inhibits cAMP-induced melanin production by down-regulating the gene expressions of MITF and tyrosinase in melanocytes손종근; 이화동; 이원희[이원희], et al
201109Protective Constituents against Sepsis in Mice from the Root Barks of Ulmus davidiana var. japonica손종근; 정명선; 이호[이호], et al
201209Inhibition of DNA topoisomerases I and II of compounds from Reynoutria japonica손종근; 황보경; 정명선, et al
201206Discrimination of Phellodendron amurense and P-chinense Based on DNA Analysis and the Simultaneous Analysis of Alkaloids손종근; 육진아[육진아]; 정명선, et al
201205Protective Effect of Sauchinone Against Regional Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury: Inhibition of p38 MAPK and JNK Death Signaling Pathways손종근; 김석재[김석재]; 정철원[정철원], et al
201310Sauchinone, a lignan from Saururus chinensis, attenuates neutrophil pro-inflammatory activity and acute lung injury손종근; Hui-Jing Han[Hui-Jing Han]; Mei Li[Mei Li], et al
201310Quantitative analysis of betaine in Lycii Fructus by HILIC-ELSD손종근; 조병찬[조병찬]; 정수양[정수양], et al
201208High performance liquid chromatography used for quality control of Achyranthis Radix손종근; 조병천[조병천]; 정수양[정수양], et al
201103Simultaneous Determination of Bioactive Flavonoids in Some Selected Korean Thistles by High-Performance liquid Chromatography손종근; Nguyen Thi Phuong Th[Nguyen Thi Phuong Th]; To Dao Cuong1[To Dao Cuong1], et al
201101Quantitative and Pattern Recognition Analyses for the Quality Evaluation of Cimicifugae Rhizoma by HPLC손종근; 방철[방철]; 문동철[문동철], et al
201101Anti-inflammatory activity of Angelica dahurica ethanolic extract on RAW264.7 cells via upregulation of heme oxygenase-1손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 이진아[이진아], et al
201101Anti-asthmatic effects of Angelica dahurica against ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation via upregulation of heme oxygenase-1손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 서창섭[서창섭], et al
201212High-performance liquid chromatographic analysis for quantitation of marker compounds of Artemisia capillaris thunb.손종근; 박경민; 이응, et al
201106HPLC-tandem Mass Spectrometric Analysis of the Marker Compounds in Forsythiae Fructus and Multivariate Analysis손종근; 조황의[조황의]; 안수연[안수연], et al
201203Effects of Melandrium firmum methanolic extract on testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in Wistar rats손종근; 이미영[이미영]; 신인식[신인식], et al
201311Quantitative determination and pattern recognition analyses of bioactive marker compounds from Dipsaci Radix by HPLC손종근; 조병찬[조병찬]; 정수양[정수양], et al
201303Quantitative analysis of bioactive marker compounds from Cinnamomi Ramulus and Cinnamomi Cortex by HPLC-UV손종근; 정수양[정수양]; Bing Tian Zhao[Bing Tian Zhao], et al
201303Quality assessment and discrimination of the roots of Cynanchum auriculatum and Cynanchum wilfordii by HPLC-UV analysis손종근; 이응; 박동근, et al