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나노구조소재, 태양전지
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201409Luminescence spectra of Eu(III/II)-doped LaAlO3 powders prepared by a solid-state reaction of Eu(III)-doped LaCO3OH and Al2O3정우식; 이민호
201508Microstructural observation of beta-gallium oxide nanostructures after ammonolysis정우식; 이민호
201505Facile synthesis of LaAlO3 and Eu(II)-doped LaAlO3 powders by a solid-state reaction정우식; 이민호
201002Comparison of the carbothermal reduction and nitridation reactivity among gamma-, delta-, and alpha-Al2O3정우식
201010Al-27 MAS NMR spectroscopic identification of reaction intermediates in the carbothermal reduction and nitridation of alumina정우식; 채신애[채신애]
201012Formation of Cube-shaped alpha-Al2O3 Microstructures by the Reaction of Carbon Monoxide with Aluminum Sulfide정우식; 민봉기; 김영기[김영기], et al
201112Use of melamine in the nitridation of aluminum oxide to aluminum nitride정우식
201209Synthesis and characterization of GaN powder by the cyanonitridation of gallium oxide powder정우식
201209Transmission electron microscopy study of the nitridated sapphire under a mixed gas flow of nitrogen and methane정우식
201207Preparation of nanosized aluminum nitride powders by the cyanonitridation method정우식
201207Growth of ZnO Nanostructures by the Reaction of ZnO Powder with Carbon Monoxide정우식; 서상원[서상원]
201105Nitridation of delta-alumina to aluminum nitride under a flow of ammonia and its mechanism정우식; 김준광
201105The Preparation of Alumina Particles Wrapped in Few-layer Graphene Sheets and Their Application to Dye-sensitized Solar Cells정우식; 안광순; 서상원[서상원], et al
201312Hydrothermal Synthesis of LaCO3OH and Ln(3+)-doped LaCO3OH Powders under Ambient Pressure and Their Transformation to La2O2CO3 and La2O3정우식; 이민호
201305Reaction mechanism for the ammonolysis of beta-gallium oxide to gallium nitride정우식
201303Synthesis and characterization of rhombohedral- and tetragonal-lanthanum oxyfluoride powders정우식; 이민호; 우동찬
201201Synthesis of aluminum nitride powder from delta-alumina nanopowders under a mixed gas flow of nitrogen and hydrogen정우식