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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201410Formation of an Anti-Contamination Layer with Polystyrene Nanobeads over Cover Glass for Solar Cells이태진; 박노국; 김용술, et al
201410Formation of Ordered Macro Porous TiO2 Layer with Polystyrene Nano-Beads over FTO Glass DSSCs이태진; 박노국; 김용술, et al
201409직접 황 회수 공정으로 유입되는 재생가스에 함유된미량산소의 촉매활성저하 원인 규명이태진; 최희영; 박노국
201408Response of a ZnO Single Crystal Rod-Based Chemical Sensor for Hydrogen Sulfide이태진; 박노국; 박재영
201406Preparation of Micro-Channel Catalytic Reactor Coated with Macro-Porous Al2O3 for Fuel Reformer이태진; 박노국
201508Deposition of Macro Porous Low Temperature Shift Catalysts Over a Micro-Channel Plate and Their Catalytic Activity이태진; 박노국; 성연백, et al
201506Synthesis of Meso- and Macro- Porous Aluminosilicate over Micro-Channel Plate as Support Material for Production of Hydrogen by Water-Gas Shift (WGS)이태진; 박노국; 성연백, et al
201504Catalytic decomposition of NF<inf>3</inf> by thermal decomposition and hydrolysis of γ-Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>이태진; 김용술; 박노국
201004Preparation and Absorption Properties of ZnO Nanostructures for Cleanup of H2S Contained Gas이태진; 박노국; 한기보[한기보], et al
201108Catalytic Activity Tests of Nickel-Based Catalysts for the Synthesis of Synthetic Natural Gas at a High Temperature이태진; 박노국; 장선기, et al
201006고압조건에서 Sn-Zr계 촉매상에서 SO2 촉매환원 반응특성이태진; 박정윤; 박노국, et al
201006Catalytic characteristics of carbon black for decomposition of ethane이태진; 이상엽[이상엽]; 김미소[김미소], et al
201004CFR 법에 의한 산화아연 박막의 제조 및 황 화합물 검출을 위한 전기적 특성이태진; 이선이; 박노국, et al
201112고압 WGS 반응을 위한 Cu-ZnO/Al_2O_3 촉매상에서 기-액 계면 촉매 반응 특성 연구이태진; 김세훈; 박노국
201110Catalytic reduction of SO2 over Sn-Zr based catalysts for DSRP under high pressure이태진; 박노국; 박정윤, et al
201110Control of surface area and activity with changing precipitation rate in preparation of Cu-Zn based catalysts for dimethyl ether direct synthesis이태진; 박노국
201210Optimization of SnCl4 Concentration During the Synthesis of a Highly Active SnO2-Based Catalyst for SO2 Catalytic Reduction이태진; 박노국; 정철호, et al
201502Changing Electric Resistance of ZnO Nano-Rods by Sulfur Compounds for Chemical Gas Sensor이태진; 박노국; 이태훈, et al
201205Hydrolysis and oxidation on supported phosphate catalyst for decomposition of SF6이태진; 박노국; 박현규, et al
201208Effect of Thermal Treatment on Physical Properties of CdTe Thin Films Deposited by a Solution-Based Method이태진; 이진영; 류상옥[류상옥], et al
201208Application of ZnO Single Crystal Rods as Anti-Reflective Material for PV Cells이태진; 박노국; 김용술, et al
201208Size Control of Particles with Changing Concentration of TIP used as a Precursor for Synthesis of TiO2 by Ultra-Sonic Spray and Pyrolysis Method이태진; 박노국; 김도형, et al
201101Application of ZnO Single-Crystal Wire Grown by the Thermal Evaporation Method as a Chemical Gas Sensor for Hydrogen Sulfide이태진; 박노국; 이선이
201307탄화수소류 화합물 제조를 위한 직접액화에서 바이오매스의 물리화학적 성상이 열촉매 전환에 미치는 영향이태진; 정철진[정철진]; 최창식[최창식], et al
201306Purification of Al(OH)(3) synthesized by Bayer process for preparation of high purity alumina as sapphire raw material이태진; 박노국; 최희영, et al
201104합성천연가스 생산을 위한 고효율 Ni계 촉매의 제법에 따른 촉매의 반응특성 조사이태진; 장선기; 박노국, et al
201203금속산화물이 담지된 γ - Al2O3 촉매상에서 가수분해에 의한 SF6의 촉매분해이태진; 박현규; 박노국, et al
201203베이어법으로 합성된 Al(OH)3에 함유된 미량 Na 성분의 제거이태진; 최희영; 김도형, et al
201312Behavior of Exothermic Heat Generated in Synthetic Natural Gas Synthesis with Morphology of Nickel-Based Pellet-Type Catalysts이태진; 박재영; 박노국, et al
201312Synthesis of Macro-Porous Anti-Reflective Materials from the TEOS-PS System for a Solar Cover Glass이태진; 박노국; 김도형, et al
201311Study on cost of energy(COE) reduction scenario of Korean offshore wind power이태진; 성진기[성진기]; 이종훈[이종훈], et al
201311Formation of a Macro-Porous SiO2 Layer as an Anti-Reflective Coating on Glass Substrates이태진; 박노국; 김용술, et al
201303Study on present status and future direction of Korean offshore wind power이태진; 성진기[성진기]
201501Preparation of Macroporous Semiconductive Materials for the Sensing of Sulfur Compounds이태진; 박노국; 이태훈, et al