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dc.identifier.citation농촌계획, v.20, no.3, pp.179 - 189-
dc.description.abstractThe Saemaeul Movement, which is the representative national campaign of Korea aimed at the development of local communities, has drawn a great deal of attention from home and abroad and formed an element of Korea's national brand since 2000. Accordingly, this research was conducted for the purpose of constructing a memorial park in Shindo Village, Cheongdo County, North Kyoungsang Province, which is a home to the Saemaeul Movement. As the Saemaeul Movement is benchmarked by many countries around the world today, this research aims to communicate the spirit and social value of the movement and disseminate its effects of local community development in rural areas through the construction of a memorial park. In this study, the design motive of the memorial park was conceived through the historical review and case studies of the Saemaeul Movement. In parallel, theoretical study was also conducted on design techniques as the basis of this research. In consideration of the characteristics of a technical article, this research was conducted in several phases. In the first phase, the conditions of the site where the park construction was planned were analyzed and the direction of its development was set. In the second phase, the main theme and the basic principles of planning were established, and the contents of the park construction project were devised in detail. In the last phase, a comprehensive plan was established, including a space layout to accommodate activities, facilities and programs to be introduced to the park. The park construction site (106,000㎡) was divided into four zones (memorial zone, historical theme park, education zone and experience zone) based on circulation planning aimed at creating memorial space, and was linked to eco-friendly ecological space in consideration of environmental features. At a time when the Saemaeul Movement is being propagated across the world, the result of this study will help create a place for its memorial and play a pivotal role to boost international movements aimed at promoting co-prosperity across the global village. It will also bear significance as an example of theme-based park construction in a rural area and the invigoration of a local community.-
dc.subjectSaemaeul Movement-
dc.subjectmemorial park-
dc.subjectdevelopment of rural areas-
dc.subjectdesign techniques for memorial-
dc.title청도새마을운동 기념공원 기본계획-
dc.title.alternativeA Study on the Landscape plan to the Cheongdo Saemaeul Movement Memorial Park-
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