Real-time face recognition for cloud robot

Real-time face recognition for cloud robot
이석규Shuqing Tian[Shuqing Tian]딜샛사이토프에스
Cloud robotics; Real-time face recognition; Cloud computing
Issue Date
International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, v.9, no.10, pp.251 - 260
This paper discusses our work with the design and implementation of real-time face recognition for cloud robot. Face recognition has been widely used for surveillance and airport security. Robot systems which support face recognition are available too. As for robots, real-time feedbacks from sensors are always required. In order to recognize a face in real time, the images captured by camera have to be stored and then processed by face recognition algorithm. This processing procedure runs several times per second which is computationally intensive tasks for usual robot systems. Benefit from cloud computing technology, robot can offload computational tasks to cloud server which composes of several computational units (PCs) and is capable of executing distributed tasks. In our approach, real-time images will be captured and sent back to the cloud server. PCs in cloud side process the images in parallel. Face detection and recognition algorithm will be applied to each image and then the recognition results will be returned to the robot as the response. Our experimental results demonstrate that as a implementation of cloud robotics system, the proposed cloud robot is capable of doing real-time face recognition. ? 2014 SERSC.
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