PANI 첨가 PU/MWNT 필름의 정전방전특성

PANI 첨가 PU/MWNT 필름의 정전방전특성
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Analysis on ESD Properties of the PANI added PU/MWNT Films
ESD; polyaniline; MWNT; polyurethane; electrical resistivity
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한국염색가공학회지, v.25, no.1, pp.37 - 46
This paper surveys the ESD characteristics of the PANI added PU/MWNT film according to the manufacturing conditions such as variation of the loading contents of PANI and the mixture ratio of 2 dispersion solutions. For this purpose, PANI added PU/MWNT ground films were made with IPA/MWNT 3wt% dispersion solution and PANI/DMF dispersion solutions(5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30wt% contents of the PANI) by the mixture ratio of dispersion solution(10/50, 20/40, 30/30, 40/20, and 50/10part) in the PU (972DF) 100g, which was treated with 500rpm for 30min in the stirrer with condition of the dry temperature 120℃ for 2min. Totally, 36 kinds of PANI added PU/MWNT film specimens were prepared. The physical properties of the PANI added PU/MWNT films such as electrical resistivity, absorbancy by UV-Vis spectrometer, and triboelectricity were measured and discussed with surface characteristics of the PANI added PU/MWNT films by SEM. The dispersion property of PANI to the DMF showed best dispersion at the 25% of PANI content. The surface electrical resistivity of the PANI added PU/MWNT films was decreased with increasing the weight content of PANI/DMF dispersion solution, and it showed the lowest value 106 Ω at the mixing condition of PANI/DMF 20part and MWNT/IPA 40part with 30% PANI. Furthermore, it was shown that the electrical and physical properties of the PANI added PU/MWNT film such as electrical resistivity, and triboelectricity were better than those of PU/MWNT film prepared with no PANI, which was result obtained in previous paper.
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