A Study on Morphology and Behavior of the Sapsaree: A Korean native dog(Canis familiaris)

A Study on Morphology and Behavior of the Sapsaree: A Korean native dog(Canis familiaris)
Morphology; Behavior; Sapsaree; Guide dog; Companion dog
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한국동물자원과학회지, v.52, no.6, pp.481 - 490
This study was conducted to characterize the morphological and behavior patterns of Sapsaree dogs. The population(n=8,256) has been constructed since 1990 over 12 generations and managed at the Sapsaree Breeding Research Institute, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk province. Eighteen morphological and seven behavioral traits were investigated for 882 individuals. Linear models were applied for each trait by fitting sex, season of birth, hair color or test age. The averages of body weight, body length, body height, and depth of chest were 20.5±2.4kg, 57.3±4.2cm, 52.1±3.6cm, and 21.1±2.4cm, respectively. Males had greater estimated values than females for these body conformation traits. The chocolate Sapsarees had greater averages for body weight, body height and chest depth. The older animals(>2 years) had heavier body weight than younger animals. About 54, 69, 97, 39 and 83.3% of the Sapsarees had hairs with yellow color, straight, medium to long, untangled, and longer around eyes, respectively. Also, about 40% brown eye, 43% curly tail, 78% normal jaw, 86% no missing teeth, 90% no dewclaw, and >90% with black nose, pendent ear, tongue without spots were observed. About 95% males were normal in testicles state. The males performed significantly better than the females for majority of the behavioral traits. For nerve stability, affability, wariness, adaptability, sharpness, activity, and reaction during blood drawn about 79%, 73%, 76%, 61%, 70%, 48% and 81% of the Sapsarees performed at desired level. In general, the Sapsarees showed good characteristics for both morphological and behavioral traits, which can be exploited to use the Sapsaree breed as a companion or guide dog.
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