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dc.identifier.citation국어교육연구, no.46, pp.117 - 160-
dc.description.abstractIn this article, I tried to interpret Kuwoonmong as positive text. I interpreted Kuwoonmong from three perspectives. Firstly, I would argue Yangsoyu was a reincarnation of Seongjin in Seongjin's thougt, not in a dream. Secondly, I saw Kuwoonmong as a kind of dream- meditating text. Thirdly, I reinterpretated Kuwoonmong as a text that taught the value of transience. In Kuwoonmong, thought of heros or heroines tended to be realized. Thinking has the power to make anything be realized. We can let students know that the world can be changed not only by behaviors but also by positive thinking. Education can make students believe the power of positive thinking. Students can recognize the power of positive thinking and accept the fact that thought can transform reality toward positive direction. In Kuwoonmong, dream and reality are interconnected and overlapped. Dream becomes reality, and reality becomes dream. The dream motif of Kuwoonmong is rooted in the dream meditations of Buddhist Scriptures. The most typical dream meditations of Buddhist Scriptures are dream insight(夢觀), Yeomongin(如夢忍), Yeowanin(如幻忍), which pursue the recognition that real world is like a dream. Although this seems similar to nihilism, each has opposit attitudes towards life. Kuwoonmong recognizes the value of fantasy and dream. In the fantasy and dream, we can find the absolute truth. This teaching of Kuwoonmong can make the students accept the value of the dreamlike life. If Kuwoonmong is educated in these manners, it can be acknowledged as a novel which make it possible to find great value in worldly life. Then Kuwoonmong will not be a nihilistic novel anymore, but a novel of hope and liberation. I suggested Salwhalnon(殺活論) as a strategy of Kuwoonmong eduction. Salwhalnon(殺活論) is useful to literary education and literary therapy. Sal(殺) is negation spirit and action, and Whal(活) is recovery spirit and action. Kuwoonmong eduction can give Sal and Whal to students. To the students who are too positive and proud, we could give Sal, and to the students who are too negative and desperate, we could give Whal. Ultimately, we have to lead students to overcome Whal and Sal. By those strategy, we can make students take the golden mean.-
dc.title<구운몽>의 재해석과 희망의 서사교육-
dc.title.alternativeThe Reinterpretation of Kuwoonmong and the Narrative Education of Hope-
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