Y세대의 스포츠물품 온라인구매 요인분석

Y세대의 스포츠물품 온라인구매 요인분석
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A Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Generation Y’s Online Consumption on Sport Products
확인적 요인분석; Y세대; 온라인소비; 사회동기적 요인
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한국사회체육학회지, no.40, pp.207 - 218
This study attempted to explore the factors that determine the Generation Y’s online consumption behavior on sport products. While in Lin’s study (2007) the participants were instructed to navigate online bookstores and evaluate their experiences, this study aimed at investigating the factors that influence online sport consumption. Of particular attention was given to the consumption behavior of college students, who represent Generation Y. Overall, the measurement model displayed good psychometric properties. The findings of the current study have provided the evidence of the usability of the scale when attempting to understand the determinants of the Internet shopping, particularly sport related products. It is believed that through the rigorous procedures carried out in the study, research finding would have great applicability to the defined population. However, other alternative models may exists and thus need to be considered in future studies (McCallum, 1995). A high inter-factor correlation between Actual Usage and Behavioral Intention remains as a concern. Two factors are theoretically distinct constructs. In fact, in Lin’s study (2007), these two factors appeared as distinct. The squared correlation was .33 when the AVE for each construct was .64 for AU and .60 for BI. Problem associated with the low discriminant validity might be able to be improved through future scale purification. Perceived Ease of Use show low internal reliability (α=.530; AVE=.45; CR=.60). The low internal reliability may be due to the small numbers of items for the factor. Increased reliability can be achieved by adding more items to a factor (Baumgartner & Jackson, 1999), thus future study may consider adding another items to the factor. Research participants in the study were college students in the United States. It may be worthwhile conducting a cross-cultural study in other countries such as the United States and South Korea. Cultural, economic, and technological environment surrounding the Internet differs from one country to another. For example, broadband Internet access penetration, and the availability of the wireless Internet considerably affect the usage of the Internet. Therefore, identifying the unique factors for the country of interest would provide meaningful implication for establishing online marketing strategies. Consumers’ perceptions on price, quality, and value are very important determinants of shopping behavior and product choice (Zeithaml, 1988). Therefore, it is critical to offer value added, enhanced service to the Internet users and make them visit the website frequently, and ultimately attract them to make more purchases. In this regard, future study should relate the factors identified in the current study to other linked constructs. For example, it would be beneficial to examine the relationship between the determinants of online shopping and satisfaction. Sports marketers should gain a better understanding of the merits of Internet commerce and provide more benefits that off line store cannot offer
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