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201408Anti-listerial synergism of leaf essential oil of Metasequoia glyptostroboides with nisin in whole, low and skim milks비벡바지파이; Jung In Yoon[Jung In Yoon]; Monika Bhardwaj[Monika Bhardwaj]; 강선철[강선철]
201412Sn compensation via SnSex binary vapor supply during Cu2ZnSnSe4 formation오미솔; 김우경
201103A Whole Genome Association Study to Detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Body Conformation Traits in a Hanwoo Population아람마부; 이윤미; 박병래[박병래]; 김진호[김진호]; 이성수[이성수]; 신형두[신형두]; 김관석[김관석]; 김내수[김내수]; 김종주
201207Age-dependent Distribution of Fungal Endophytes in Panax ginseng Roots Cultivated in Korea박영환; 김영창[김영창]; 박상언[박상언]; 임현섭[임현섭]; 김준범[김준범]; 조병관[조병관]; 배한홍
201303Rapid thermal processing of Cu-rich (InGa)(2)Se-3/CuSe bilayer precursors with an inset NaF layer김성철; 구자석; 김우경
201508Influence of pH and Annealing Temperature on Properties of ZnS(O, OH) Thin Films Deposited by Continuous Flow Microreactor Method박선영; 전호영; Chih Hung Chang[Chih Hung Chang]; 류시옥
201508Potassium solubilizing rhizobacteria (KSR): Isolation, identification, and K-release dynamics from waste mica비벡바지파이; Vijay Singh Meena[Vijay Singh Meena]; Bihari Ram Maurya[Bihari Ram Maurya]; Jai Prakash Verma[Jai Prakash Verma]; Abhinav Aeron[Abhinav Aeron]; Ashok Kumar[Ashok Kumar]; Kangmin Kim[Kangmin Kim]