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201402Effect of Extracts of Terminalia chebula on Proliferation of Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts Cells: An Alternative Approach for Wound Healing딥티싱; 돌리싱; 최순모; 조선미; Rakesh Mohan Painuli[Rakesh Mohan Painuli]; 권성원[권성원]; 한성수
201404Synthesis of composite gelatin-hyaluronic acid-alginate porous scaffold and evaluation for in vitro stem cell growth and in vivo tissue integration딥티싱; Anuj Tripathi [Anuj Tripathi ]; 조선미; 돌리싱; 한성수
201409Polysaccharides as Nanocarriers for Therapeutic Applications딥티싱; 한성수; 신은주[신은주]
201412Surfactant Role in Modifying Architecture of Functional Polymeric Gelatin Scaffolds딥티싱; 최순모; 돌리싱[돌리싱]; 한성수
201410Smart Nanomaterials for Biomedics딥티싱; 최순모; Anuj Tripathi[Anuj Tripathi]
201212Chitosan-hydroxyapatite macroporous matrix for bone tissue engineering조선미; 딥티싱; Ashok kumar[Ashok kumar]; 조용우[조용우]; 오태환; 한성수
201307Modulated Crosslinking of Macroporous Polymeric Cryogel Affects In Vitro Cell Adhesion and Growth딥티싱; Anuj Tripathi[Anuj Tripathi]; Tanushree Vishnoi[Tanushree Vishnoi]; Ashok Kumar[Ashok Kumar]
201307Effect of Alpha-Ketoglutarate on Growth and Metabolism of Cells Cultured on Three-Dimensional Cryogel Matrix딥티싱; Tanushree Vishnoi[Tanushree Vishnoi]; Ashok Kumar[Ashok Kumar]
201311Enhanced Proliferation and Growth of Human Lung Epithelial Cells on Gelatin Microparticle Loaded with Ephedra Extracts딥티싱; 돌리싱; 최순모; 한성수
201311Effect of cross-linkers in fabrication of carrageenan-alginate matrices for tissue engineering application딥티싱; 기샛별; 김성철; 손태원; 한성수