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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201408Process design and simulation for optimizing the oxygen concentration in Czochralski-grown single-crystal silicon정유진; 김우경; 정재학
201412Effect of sputtering conditions of co-sputtered Cu-In-Ga precursors on Cu(InGa)Se-2 photovoltaic absorber formation박준현; 김우경
201412Sn compensation via SnSex binary vapor supply during Cu2ZnSnSe4 formation오미솔; 김우경
201210Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Mono-Silane Siemens Reactor정호섭; 박종훈[박종훈]; 강승오[강승오]; 정종현[정종현]; 전소영; 정재학; 김우경
201305Characteristics ofMoSe(2) formation during rapid thermal processing ofMo-coated glass이수빈; 구자석; 김삼미; 김수현; 천태훈[천태훈]; 오종석[오종석]; 김석진[김석진]; 김우경
201305Optimization of Se layer thickness in Mo/CuGa/In/Se precursor for the formation of Cu(InGa)Se-2 by rapid thermal annealing구자석; 전소영; 오미솔; 조현일[조현일]; 손창길[손창길]; 김우경
201312Effect of Sn-layer addition to precursors on characteristics of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) thin-film solar cell absorber김삼미; 오미솔; 김우경
201312Effect of Rod Diameters on Flow Pattern and Temperature Profile in Monosilane Siemens Poly-Si Reactor전소영; 정호섭; 박종훈[박종훈]; 김우경
201311Selenization mechanisms of Sn and Zn investigated using in situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction한재성; 전소영; 김우경
201303Comparison of thin film properties and selenization behavior of CuGaIn precursors prepared by co-evaporation and co-sputtering한재성; 구자석; 정호섭; 김우경