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201001Phosphorus Ligands for Iron (III)-Mediated ATRP of Styrene via Generation of Activators by Monomer Addition노석균; 류원석; 하단[하단]; 설지강[설지강]; 한모드유스프[한모드유스프]
201001Comparative study of a variety of ATRP systems with high oxidation state metal catalyst system노석균; 류원석; 설지강; 하단; 모드유수프칸[모드유수프칸]
201011Preparation of poly(vinyl pivalate) microspheres by dispersion polymerization in an ionic liquid and saponification for the preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) with high syndiotacticity심재진; 웬방호아[웬방호아]; 할도리유바라즈; 팜쿠앙롱[팜쿠앙롱]; 노석균; 류원석
201208PPM amount of Fe(III)-mediated ATRP of MMA with phosphorus-containing ligands in the absence of any additives노석균; 진상웅; 한모드유스프
201308Development of New Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization System by Iron (III)-Metal Salts Without Using any External Initiator and Reducing Agent이승우; 노석균; 진상웅; 칸모드유스프
201304Effect of Storage Conditions on MMA Polymerization via Fe(III)-Mediated ATRP without any Reducing Agent노석균; 한모드유스프; Xiangxiong Chen[Xiangxiong Chen]
201111In Situ-Generated Ru(III)-Mediated ATRP from the Polymeric Ru(III) Complex in the Absence of Activator Generation Agents노석균; 하단[하단]; 류원석
201509Evolution of ppm amount of Ru(III) complexes for effective living radical polymerization of MMA진상웅; 웬티투이즈엉; 한모드유스프; 하립개; 하단; 이승우; 노석균