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20110329약물전달시스템용 폴리비닐알코올 입자 및 이의 제조방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 류원석; 최한곤; 이용록; 김정애; 용철순; 노석균; 한성수
20110315폴리비닐알코올 마이크로피브릴 섬유 및 이의 제조방법영남대학교 산학협력단; 김선길; 류원석; 민병길; 송두현; 노석균; 제갈영순; 한성수; 이영재
201101Bridge length effect of new dinuclear constrained geometry catalysts on controlling the polymerization behaviors of ethylene/styrene copolymerization노석균; 류원석; 웽티레탄[웽티레탄]; 웽티디우후옌[웽티디우후옌]
201101Effects of Structure of the Bridge on Polymerization Behavior of Dinuclear Constrained Geometry Catalysts and Properties of Ethylene-Styrene Copolymers노석균; 팜나탄; 누옌티듀휴옌; 웽티레탄
201106Flow Instability of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solution under Steady Shear주상우; 도성열; 류창열[류창열]; 노석균; 이용록; 심재진; 김준호; Yeong Soon Gal[Yeong Soon Gal]; 한성수; 류원석
201106Ultrasonically assisted in situ emulsion polymerization: a facile approach to prepare conducting copolymer/silica nanocomposites심재진; 할도리유바라즈; 팜쿠앙롱[팜쿠앙롱]; 노석균; 류원석
201111Relation of Structural Features of Dinuclear Constrained Geometry Catalysts with Copolymerization Properties of Ethylene and 1-Hexene노석균; 까오환투이미; 웽티레녕; 웽티레탄
201111In Situ-Generated Ru(III)-Mediated ATRP from the Polymeric Ru(III) Complex in the Absence of Activator Generation Agents노석균; 하단[하단]; 류원석