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2015-02Comparison of Accumulation of Stilbene Compounds and Stilbene Related Gene Expression in Two Grape Berries Irradiated with Different Light Sources윤해근; 안순영; 김선애; 최성진[최성진]
2014-02Contents of Bioactive Constituents and Antioxidant Activities of Cultivated and Wild Raspberries이헌호; 문용선; 윤해근; 박필재[박필재]; 곽은정
2014-02Betalain and Betaine Composition of Greenhouse- or Field-Produced Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) and Inhibition of HepG2 Cell ProliferationEun Jin Lee[Eun Jin Lee]; Dami An[Dami An]; Chau Nguyen[Chau Nguyen]; B. Patil[B. Patil]; Jeongyun Kim[Jeongyun Kim]; 유길선
2015-03Verification of anti-oxidative activity of Aruncus dioicus, a native plant of Ulleungdo문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 손준호[손준호]
2014-03Preparation of resveratrol-enriched grape juice from ultrasonication treated grape fruits백광현; 곽은정; 모히둘하산; 윤해근
2015-04Assessments of salt tolerance in a bottle gourd line expressing the Arabidopsis H+-pyrophosphatase AVP1 gene and in a watermelon plant grafted onto a transgenic bottle gourd rootstock박경일; 한증술[한증술]; 전수민[전수민]; 박성흔[박성흔]; Aung H. Niang[Aung H. Niang]; 김창길[김창길]
2014-03임간재배 시 병풍쌈 유묘의 차광처리별 생장 및 생리 반응이도형; 윤준혁[윤준혁]; 송기선[송기선]; 박용배[박용배]; 문용선
2014-04대추 추출물이 첨가된 흑도라지 사과주스의 품질 특성 및 항산화 활성윤경영; 김자민; 문용선
2014-06Anthocyanins in the flowers of Ipomoea tricolor Cav. (Convolvulaceae)박경일; Atsushi Hoshino[Atsushi Hoshino]; Norio Saito[Norio Saito]; Fumi Tatsuzawa[Fumi Tatsuzawa]
2014-06Effect of Dye-absorbing Duration and Environmental Conditions on Quality of Preserved Leaves in Eucalyptus cinerea오욱; 임영희; 김소은
2014-06Light intensity and temperature regulate petiole elongation by controlling the content of and sensitivity to gibberellin in Cyclamen persicum오욱; 김기선[김기선]
2014-06Tuber growth and quality of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) as affected by foliar or soil application of fulvic and humic acids유길선; 서혜영[서혜영]; 서상곤
2014-06Expression of Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcripts During Low Temperature Treatments in Grapevines윤해근; 김선애; 안순영; 김승희[김승희]; 한점화[한점화]
2014-06Differential Expression of β -1,3-Glucanase Transcripts Induced by Pathogens in the Leaves of Vitis flexuosa윤해근; 안순영; 김선애
2014-06화투 도안에 등장하는 식물명의 인식에 대한 연구김동진; 오욱
2014-07De novo transcriptome assembly of Vitis flexuosa grapevines inoculated with Elsinoe ampelina윤해근; 안순영; 김선애; 조성환[조성환]
2015-08Identification of six transcripts encoding putative receptor-like protein kinase (RLK) and their expression profiles in Vitis flexuosa infected with pathogens윤해근; 자헤룰이슬람; 안순영
2015-09Analysis of structure and differential expression of Pseudomonas syringae 5-like (RPS5-like) genes in pathogen-infected Vitis flexuosa윤해근; 자헤룰이슬람; 안순영
2015-09Antioxidants of 15 onions with white, yellow, and red colors and their relationship with pungency, anthocyanin, and quercetin유길선; 이은진[이은진]; B. Patil[B. Patil]
2015-09병원균 접종에 의한 Muscadine 및 플로리다 교잡종포도의 줄기혹병 저항성 검정윤해근; 노정호[노정호]; 박교선[박교선]; Jiang Lu[Jiang Lu]