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201004Effects of Dietary Pegmatite, Precious Stone and Grape Pomace Extracts on the Meat Quality of Pigs한기동; 김동엽[김동엽]
201002발효쌀겨의 첨가에 따른 식빵 반죽의 물리적 특성한기동; 박현실
201504Straightforward bacterial-fungal fermentation between Lactobacillus plantarum and Pleurotus eryngii for synergistic improvement of bioactivity한기동; 김동엽; 고유혁; 정현채[정현채]
201403Diabetic conditions modulate the adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase of podocytes한기동; 하태선[하태선]; 박희영[박희영]; 남자애[남자애]
201012Inhibitory Effects of Water Extracts of Fermented Rice Bran on Allergic Response한기동; 판지안핑; 최경민
201012Ameliorating Effects of L-Carnitine on Diabetic Podocyte Injury한기동; 판지안핑; 김동엽; 카와치 히로시[카와치 히로시]; 하태선[하태선]
201010Sirolimus 사용 후 사구체 기저막 세극막 관련 분자의 변화한기동; 박용훈; 최정연; 김용진
201010Changes in Extractability and Antioxidant Activity of Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) Tubers by Various High Hydrostatic Pressure Treatments한기동; 김동엽[김동엽]; 판지안핑; 정현채[정현채]
201501Diabetic conditions downregulate the expression of CD2AP in podocytes via PI3-K/Akt signalling한기동; 홍은정[홍은정]; 하태선[하태선]
201504Characteristics of GABA rice makgeolli made by Korean traditional rice wine method of Geupchungju한기동; 신수정; 김상욱; 정현채[정현채]