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201004Enzyme activity assessment of peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) under slow-release sulphur fertilization아샤드자말; 문용선; 말릭자눌아브딘[말릭자눌아브딘]
201002Promotion of Bulblet Enlargement through Liquid Stationary Culture in Korean Native Lilies in Vitro엄선정[엄선정]; 오욱; 김규원; 박경일
201012Temperature and Light Intensity Induce Morphological and Anatomical Changes of Leaf Petiole and Lamina in Cyclamen persicum오욱; 김기선[김기선]
201010Developmental Stage and Temperature Influence Elongation Response of Petiole to Low Irradiance in Cyclamen persicum오욱; 김기선[김기선]
201009Timing and Duration of Supplemental Lighting during the Seedling Stage Influence Quality and Flowering in Petunia and Pansy오욱; Erik S. Runkle[Erik S. Runkle]; Ryan M. Warner[Ryan M. Warner]
201104Effects of Hot Water and Chilling Treatments of Bulblets Propagated by Tissue Culture on Sprouting and Bulb Development in Korean Native오욱; 김민희[김민희]; 임영희; 윤해근; 김규원
201208Replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps may delay floweringErik S. Runkle[Erik S. Runkle]; Sonaly R. Padhye[Sonaly R. Padhye]; 오욱; Kristen Getter[Kristen Getter]
201210Potent anti-aging activity of Aruncus dioicus, a native plant of Ulleung-do, South Korea, in CCD-986sk fibroblasts via suppression of matrix metalloproteinases문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 안봉전[안봉전]; 손준호[손준호]
201312Temperature and long-day lighting strategy affect flowering time and crop characteristics in Cyclamen persicum오욱; 강경주[강경주]; 조경진; 신종화[신종화]; 김기선[김기선]
201202Effect of Magnolol on the Function of Osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 Cells곽은정; 이영순[이영순]; 최은미[최은미]