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201004Enzyme activity assessment of peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) under slow-release sulphur fertilization아샤드자말; 문용선; 말릭자눌아브딘[말릭자눌아브딘]
201012Inhibitory Effects of Water Extracts of Fermented Rice Bran on Allergic Response한기동; 판지안핑; 최경민
201102Neurexin-1, a presynaptic adhesion molecule, localizes at the slit diaphragm of the glomerular podocytes in kidneys한기동; 사이토아키라[사이토아키라]; 미야우치 나오코[미야우치 나오코]; 하시모토 타헤코[하시모토 타헤코]; 카라사와 타마키[카라사와 타마키]; 카야바 무츠미[카야바 무츠미]; 수미 토모유키[수미 토모유키]; 토미타 마사유키[토미타 마사유키]; 이케주미 요헤이[이케주미 요헤이]; 스즈키 켄지[스즈키 켄지]; 코이타바시 야스시[코이타바시 야스시]; 시미즈 후지오[시미즈 후지오]; 카와치 히로시[카와치 히로시]
201412Effect of Prestorage UV-A, -B, and -C Radiation on Fruit Quality and Anthocyanin of 'Duke' Blueberries during Cold Storage유길선; Chau T. T. Nguyen[Chau T. T. Nguyen]; Jeongyun Kim[Jeongyun Kim]; Sooyeon Lim[Sooyeon Lim]; Eun Jin Lee[Eun Jin Lee]
201210Potent anti-aging activity of Aruncus dioicus, a native plant of Ulleung-do, South Korea, in CCD-986sk fibroblasts via suppression of matrix metalloproteinases문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 안봉전[안봉전]; 손준호[손준호]
201312Potent Whitening Activity of Aruncus dioicus Extract in B16F10 Melanoma Cell by Suppression of Melanin Biosynthesis문용선; 김동희[김동희]; 박태순[박태순]; 황주영[황주영]; 손준호[손준호]
201310Changes of podocyte p130Cas in diabetic conditions한기동; 하태선[하태선]; 최지영[최지영]; 박희영[박희영]
201202Effect of Magnolol on the Function of Osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 Cells곽은정; 이영순[이영순]; 최은미[최은미]