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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Rigorous theory of molecular orientational nonlinear optics곽종훈; 김건엽
2015-01Effects of an additional magnetic field in ITO thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering곽진석; 허경찬; 손영구
2015-02High contrast reflective liquid crystal display using a thermochromic reflector곽진석; 허경찬; 이종훈; 권진혁
2014-01Influence of Cr-doping on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel spin coating김종수; I. Kim[I. Kim]; D. Kang[D. Kang]; J.-Y. Leem[J.-Y. Leem]; G. Nam[G. Nam]; H. Yoon[H. Yoon]; S. Kim[S. Kim]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]
2015-02Shape-modification of patterned nanoparticles by an ion beam treatment곽진석; 허경찬
2015-02Investigation of Internal Electric Fields in GaAs Solar Cell under Highly-concentrated Light김종수; 이승준; 조현준; 소모근; 손창원; 한임식; 배인호; 이상준[이상준]; 노삼규[노삼규]; 최현광[최현광]; 임재영[임재영]
2015-02Liquid Crystal Lens Array with Thermally Controllable Focal Length and Electrically Convertible Lens Type곽진석; 허경찬; 권진혁
2014-01Effects of Ga concentration on the structural, electrical and optical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin films grown by sol-gel method정재학; 이상헌; 김종수; 김진수[김진수]; 임재영[임재영]; 윤현식[윤현식]; 박현길[박현길]; 김소아람[김소아람]; 김민수[김민수]; Yangsoo Kim[Yangsoo Kim]
2015-02Effects of in-situ molecular oxygen exposure on the modulation of electrical properties of zinc oxide thin films grown by atomic layer deposition신재철; 박희경[박희경]; 양봉섭[양봉섭]; 김명상[김명상]; 박상현[박상현]; 한정환[한정환]; 허재영[허재영]
2015-02다이오드의 온도와 선폭에 따른 다이오드 종여기 Nd:YAG 레이저의 출력특성 연구이종훈; 김진권; 공태원; 곽진석; 이강인[이강인]; 차병헌[차병헌]
2014-01Photovoltaic Characteristics of Low-density Concentration GaAs Solar Cells with/without Anti-reflective Coating김종수; Jeong-Woo Choe[Jeong-Woo Choe]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; Jae Su Yu[Jae Su Yu]; Sam Kyu Noh[Sam Kyu Noh]
2015-02자성유전 복합체 기판 매질의 유전/투자율 변화에 따른 안테나 소형화 및 전송특성 분석김기현; 김진우
2014-02Advanced Patterned Vertical Aligned Nematic Mode to Elevate Transmittance곽진석
2014-02Intra/Inter-decoupling 전자파 흡수능 측정용 차폐형 루프안테나 제작 및 특성 평가김기현; 이준식
2015-03Structural and optical properties of position-retrievable low-density GaAs droplet epitaxial quantum dots for application to single photon sources with plasmonic optical coupling김종수; Eun-Hye Lee[Eun-Hye Lee]; 송진동[송진동]; 한일기[한일기]; Soo-Kyung Chang[Soo-Kyung Chang]; Fabian Langer[Fabian Langer]; Sven H?fling[Sven H?fling]; Alfred Forchel[Alfred Forchel]; Martin Kamp[Martin Kamp]
2014-02전도냉각 QCW 다이오드 여기 Nd:YAG 레이저의 수동형 Q-스위칭이종훈; 이윤호; 이강인[이강인]
2014-03Optical and electrical properties of InAs/GaAs quantum-dot solar cells김종수; 리얀패트릭스미스; 한임식; Noh, Sam Kyu[Noh, Sam Kyu]; Leem, Jae-Young[Leem, Jae-Young]
2014-03Discussion on the usefulness of dose dynamic multi-leaf collimator-based plan to overcome dose limit of spinal cord in high-dose radiotherapy김응찬; J.H.Cho[J.H.Cho]; C.S.Park[C.S.Park]; D.H.Kim[D.H.Kim]; C.W.Choi[C.W.Choi]
2015-04Reflective liquid crystal display for better productivity곽진석; 최규진; 히로시 요코야마[히로시 요코야마]
2014-03Synthesis of CoFe2O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles by Thermal Decomposition김기현; 데바라즈사운다라잔[데바라즈사운다라잔]