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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201211One-dimensional single crystalline antimony sulfur iodide, SbSI손영구; 조인수; 민봉기; 주상우
201207Temperature Dependence of Indigo Light Emission from Mesoporous ZnO/Porous Silicon Nanocomposites김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Do Yeob Kim[Do Yeob Kim]; Dong-Yul Lee[Dong-Yul Lee]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; Sung-O Kim[Sung-O Kim]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]
201205Effects of post-annealing temperature on the properties of ZnO nanorods grown on homogenous seed-layers by using the hydrothermal method김종수; 임광국[임광국]; 김민수[김민수]; 김소아람[김소아람]; 임재영[임재영]; 남기웅[남기웅]; 전수민[전수민]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 이주인[이주인]
201205Effects of growth conditions on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO submicron particles grown by using vapor phase transport김종수; 김소아람[김소아람]; 김민수[김민수]; 임광국[임광국]; 임재영[임재영]; 남기웅[남기웅]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 손정식[손정식]
201203Growth and Characterization of Seed Layer-Free ZnO Thin Films Deposited on Porous Silicon by Hydrothermal Method김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Kwang Gug Yim[Kwang Gug Yim]; Do Yeob Kim[Do Yeob Kim]; Soaram Kim[Soaram Kim]; Giwoong Nam[Giwoong Nam]; Dong-Yul Lee[Dong-Yul Lee]; Sung-O Kim[Sung-O Kim]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; Jeong-Sik Son[Jeong-Sik Son]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]
201201Optical Properties of ZnO Soccer-Ball Structures Grown by Vapor Phase Transport정재학; 이상헌[이상헌]; 김민수 [김민수 ]; 김도엽[김도엽]; 임광국[임광국]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 김종수; 손정식[손정식]; 김성오[김성오]; 임재영[임재영]; 남기웅[남기웅]; 김소람[김소람]