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201006Effects of Growth Interruption of ZnO Buffer Layers on the Structural and the Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Grown by Using PA-MBE김종수; 조민영[조민영]; 김민수[김민수]; 최현영[최현영]; 전수민[전수민]; 김군식[김군식]; 김도엽[김도엽]; 임광국[임광국]; 임재영[임재영]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 이주인[이주인]
201012Fabrication of Porous ZnO Nanorods with Nano-sized Pores and Their Properties김종수; 전수민[전수민]; 김민수[김민수]; 조민영[조민영]; 최현영[최현영]; 임광국[임광국]; 김군식[김군식]; 김형근[김형근]; 임재영[임재영]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 이주인[이주인]
201405Influence of Li atoms on the properties of ZnO thin films synthesized by sol-gel spin-coating method김종수; 김영규[김영규]; 박형길[박형길]; 지익수[지익수]; 김소아람[김소아람]; 김양수[김양수]; 임재영[임재영]; 김진수[김진수]
201010Influence of InAs Coverage on Transition of Size Distribution and Optical Properties of InAs Quantum Dots김종수; 김군식[김군식]; 전수민[전수민]; 조민영[조민영]; 최현영[최현영]; 김도엽[김도엽]; 김민수[김민수]; 권영수[권영수]; 최정우[최정우]; 김진수[김진수]; 임재영[임재영]
201501Observation of Mediated Cascade Energy Transfer in Europium-Doped ZnO Nanowalls by 1,10-Phenanthroline손영구; 강정수[강정수]; 정용광[정용광]; 강준길[강준길]; 자오[자오]; 프라드한[프라드한]; 리융[리융]
201408Effect of different sol concentrations on the properties of nanocrystalline ZnO thin films grown on FTO substrates by sol-gel spin-coating김종수; Ikhyun Kim[Ikhyun Kim]; Younggyu Kim[Younggyu Kim]; Giwoong Nam[Giwoong Nam]; Dongwan Kim[Dongwan Kim]; Minju Park[Minju Park]; Haeun Kim[Haeun Kim]; Wookbin Lee[Wookbin Lee]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]
201407Structural! spectroscopic analyses and H-2/O-2/CO responses of thulium(III) oxide nanosquare sheets손영구; 이성우[이성우]; 박성균[박성균]; 강준길[강준길]; 민봉기
201502Effects of in-situ molecular oxygen exposure on the modulation of electrical properties of zinc oxide thin films grown by atomic layer deposition신재철; 박희경[박희경]; 양봉섭[양봉섭]; 김명상[김명상]; 박상현[박상현]; 한정환[한정환]; 허재영[허재영]
201401Influence of Cr-doping on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel spin coating김종수; I. Kim[I. Kim]; D. Kang[D. Kang]; J.-Y. Leem[J.-Y. Leem]; G. Nam[G. Nam]; H. Yoon[H. Yoon]; S. Kim[S. Kim]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]
201108Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Films Grown on Porous Silicon by Sol-gel Method and Effects of Post-annealing김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Kwang Gug Yim[Kwang Gug Yim]; jae-Young Leem[jae-Young Leem]; Soaram Kim[Soaram Kim]; Giwoong Nam[Giwoong Nam]; Do Yeob Kim[Do Yeob Kim]; Sung-O Kim[Sung-O Kim]; Dong-Yul Lee[Dong-Yul Lee]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]