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201406비스 3-메틸이미다졸리움 이온성액체의 청정 합성제법나춘섭; 김진원; 박민균; 심재진
201406시공간구조를 가지는 확률적 강우 모형곽민정; 김용구[김용구]
201406Monodispersed Liquid Crystal Droplets Fabricated by the Droplet Break-up Process in the Microfluidic System곽진석; 전철규[전철규]; 김대수[김대수]; 배건[배건]; 배병성[배병성]; 한성오[한성오]; 신성식[신성식]
201406Synthesis and characterization of Eu(III)-incorporated silica nanoparticles for application to UV-LED손영구; 강준길[강준길]; 정용광[정용광]
201406Excimer and exciplex emissions of 1,8-naphthalimides caused by aggregation in extremely polar or nonpolar solvents조대원; 조대원[조대원]
201406On Parseval Wavelet Frames with Two or Three Generators via the Unitary Extension Principle김래영; Ole Christensen[Ole Christensen]; 김홍오[김홍오]
201406Interaction of Metallo- and free base meso-tetrakis(N-methylpyridium-4-yl)porphyrin with a G-quadruplex: Effect of the central metal ions김석규; 김윤화; 이창윤; 정세채[정세채]
201406Controlled radical polymerization of vinyl acetate in supercritical CO2 catalyzed by CuBr/terpyridine이슬람모하마드타리쿨; 할도리유바라즈; 웬방호아; 나오샤드이슬람; 나춘섭; 심재진
201406Analysis of Images According to the Fluid Velocity in Time-of-Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiography, and Contrast Enhancement Angiography김응찬; Yeong-Cheol Heo[Yeong-Cheol Heo]; Jae-Hwan Cho[Jae-Hwan Cho]; 이현정; Hae-Kag Lee[Hae-Kag Lee]
201406Gas phase synthesis and physico-chemical properties of vanadium oxide nanoparticles손영구; 김진형[김진형]; 신원규[신원규]; 박미소[박미소]