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201404Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of transglutaminase 2 in complex with Ca2+박현호; 장태호
201504Fungal cytochrome P450 monooxygenases of Fusarium oxysporum for the synthesis of omega-hydroxy fatty acids in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae박현호; 프라딥라즈; 말라[말라]; 사라바난[사라바난]; 이평강[이평강]; 정은옥[정은옥]; 김병기[김병기]; 윤형돈[윤형돈]
201403In vitro analysis of the complete CIDE domain interactions of the Drep system in fly박현호; 이승미
201403Schisandrin B suppresses TGF beta 1-induced stress fiber formation by inhibiting myosin light chain phosphorylation박현호; 전주홍[ 전주홍]; 서인석[서인석]; 천정녀[천정녀]; 김상엽[김상엽]; 박은정[박은정]; 권은정[권은정]; 배동준[배동준]; 김인산[김인산]; 김혜경[김혜경]; 박종관[박종관]; 이성원[이성원]
201007Identification and analysis of dominant negative mutants of RAIDD and PIDD박현호; 장태호; 배주영; 박옥경; 김지회; 조경현; 전주홍[전주홍]
201012Purification and Characterization of a Ubiquitin-like System for Autophagosome Formation박현호; 배주영
201012In vitro reconstitution of the interactions in the PIDDosome박현호; 장태호[장태호]; 카오 장[카오 장]; 하오 우[하오 우]; 전 주홍[전 주홍]
201501Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the CARD domain of apoptosis repressor with CARD (ARC)박현호; 김성현
201503Cystamine induces AIF-mediated apoptosis through glutathione depletion박현호; 조성엽[조성엽]; 이진행[이진행]; 주미경[주미경]; 정의만[정의만]; 김효준[김효준]; 임지선[임지선]; 이성은[이성은]; 조남혁[조남혁]; 최기항[최기항]; 전주홍[전주홍]; 김인규[김인규]
201503Purification and Analysis of the Interactions of Caspase-1 and ASC for Assembly of the Inflammasome박현호; 베드리칸난