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201005Variations in an oleic acid and metal nitrate emulsion under calcination on the structural and morphology of LaAlO3 nanopowders김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스; M. Balasubramanian[M. Balasubramanian]; 배동식[배동식]; 김종렬[김종렬]
201005Synthesis of Fe(Ni) nanoparticles by calcination and hydrogen reduction of metal nitrate powders김기현; 오승탁[오승탁]; 주민희[주민희]; 좌용호[좌용호]; 이상관[이상관]
201004Synthesis and characterization of CuAl2O4 nanoparticles via a reverse microemulsion method김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스
201003Mixture of fuels approach for the solution combustion synthesis of LaAlO3 nanopowders김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스
201002Magnetic and Microwave Properties of NiFe Nanowires Embedded in Anodized Aluminum Oxide (AAO) Templates김기현; 조상근[조상근]; 유봉영[유봉영]; 김종렬[김종렬]
201002Effect of precursor ratios on the synthesis of MgAl2O4 nanoparticles by a reverse microemulsion method김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스
201002Synthesis and Characterizations of Surface-Coated Superparamagentic Magnetite Nanoparticles김기현; 차유정; 이준식; 남백일; 김민정[김민정]; 좌용호[좌용호]; 김동호
201002Effect of water to surfactant ratio (R) on the particle size of MgAl2O4 nanoparticle prepared via reverse micelle process김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스; 배동식[배동식]; M. Balasubramanian[M. Balasubramanian]; 김종렬[김종렬]
201001Effect of Fe doping on the room temperature ferromagnetism in chemically synthesized (In1-xFex)(2)O-3 (0 <= x <= 0.07) magnetic semiconductors김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스; M. Balasubramanian[M. Balasubramanian]; Dong-Sik Bae[Dong-Sik Bae]; Shalendra Kumar[Shalendra Kumar]
201001Iron Nanofibers Synthesized by the Electrospinning Method for Use as a GHz Band Electromagnetic Wave Absorber김기현; 송한복[송한복]; 이건재[이건재]; 좌용호[좌용호]; 오승탁[오승탁]; 이상관[이상관]