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201004The optical properties of nanoporous structured titanium dioxide and the photovoltaic efficiency on DSSC강미숙; 이예지[이예지]
201004Comparison of the photovoltaic efficiency on DSSC for nanometer sized TiO2 using a conventional sol-gel and solvothermal methods강미숙; 이예지[이예지]; 채진호[채진호]
201003Solvothermal 법에 의해 제조된 Sn-TiO2 나노 반도체 촉매 상에서의 수중 부유 톨루엔 광분해 반응강미숙; 김지연[김지연]; 김지은[김지은]
201003The effect of nano-scale Zn-doped TiO2 and pure TiO2 particles on Hydra magnipapillata강미숙; 여민경[여민경]
201003Synthesis of the hexagonal pillar shaped ZnOs using a hydrothermal method강미숙; 이주현[이주현]; 채진호[채진호]; 김수정[김수정]; 김동영[김동영]; 박노국
201003Hydrogen production from butane steam reforming over Ni/Ag loaded MgAl2O4 catalyst강미숙; 정하림[정하림]
201002TiO2/Carbon Composites Prepared from Rice Husk and the Removal of Bisphenol A in Photocatalytic Liquid System강미숙; 김지연[김지연]; 곽병섭[곽병섭]
201405N-Aryl group influences on the properties of umbrella-shaped thiophene-(N-aryl)pyrrole-thiophene dyes강미숙; Vellaiappillai Tamilavan[Vellaiappillai Tamilavan]; Hye-Bin Kim[Hye-Bin Kim]; Sangjun Kim[Sangjun Kim]; 현명호[현명호]; 김아영; 이호정
201405Synthesis of magnetically separable core@shell structured NiFe2O4@TiO2 nanomaterial and its use for photocatalytic hydrogen production by methanol/water splitting강미숙; 김현수; 김동진; 곽병섭; 한기보[한기보]; 엄명헌[엄명헌]
201403Synthesis of ionic liquids based on alkylimidazolium salts and their coal dissolution and dispersion properties강미숙; 김진원; 김동진; 나춘섭; 한기보[한기보]; 박노국; 이태진