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2015-01Alterations of Colonic Contractility in an Interleukin-10 Knockout Mouse Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease장병익; 박경식[박경식]; 송인환; 박재형[박재형]; 권종구[권종구]; 김선주[김선주]; 송대규[송대규]; 김은수[김은수]; 조광범[조광범]; 김태완[김태완]
2015-02Human adipose-derived stem cells attenuate inflammatory bowel disease in IL-10 knockout mice송인환; 정우연; 강주환[강주환]; 김경곤; 김희선; 장병익; 박용훈
2014-02Water Glass Coating on a Ti Substrate to Form Si-OH Groups for Improving Cell Behaviors of Dental Implants김석영; 박솔잎; 송인환; 이수정
2014-03Silibinin induces apoptosis of HT29 colon carcinoma cells through early CrossMark growth response-1 (EGR-1)-mediated non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug-activated gene-1 (NAG-1) up-regulation이태진; 우선민[우선민]; 민경진[민경진]; 김신[김신]; 박종욱[박종욱]; 김동은[김동은]; 전경수[전경수]; 김용호[김용호]; 김상현[김상현]; 최영현[최영현]; 권택규[권택규]; 장종수[장종수]
2015-04TLR2 deficiency attenuates skeletal muscle atrophy in mice박소영; 김대성; 차혜나; 조혜준; 송인환; 백석환; 단진명[단진명]; 김용운; 김종연; 이인규[이인규]; 서재성
2015-05Comparison of Hydroxyapatite and Alumina Grits Blasted Ti Surface for In-Vitro Cell Adhesion and Proliferation김석영; 인두바지파이; 이흐완히다얏; 송인환; 이준희[이준희]
2014-05beta-Lapachone induces programmed necrosis through the RIP1-PARP-AIF-dependent pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma SK-Hep1 cells권택규[권택규]; 박은정[박은정]; 민경진[민경진]; 이태진; 유영현[유영현]; 김유선[김유선]
2015-06Assessing the carcinogenic potential of low-dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment: the challenge ahead윌리암 구슨[윌리암 구슨]; 박현호; 이태진; 베드리칸난; Leroy Lowe[Leroy Lowe]; David O.Carpenter[David O.Carpenter]; Michael Gilbertson[Michael Gilbertson]; Abdul Manaf Ali[Abdul Manaf Ali]; Adela Lopez de Cerain Salsamendi[Adela Lopez de Cerain Salsamendi]; Ahmed Lasfar[Ahmed Lasfar]
2015-06Disruptive environmental chemicals and cellular mechanisms that confer resistance to cell death베드리칸난; 박현호; 이태진; Manaf Ali[Manaf Ali]; Barry J.Barclay[Barry J.Barclay]; Qiang Cheng[Qiang Cheng]; Leandro D’Abronzo[Leandro D’Abronzo]; Rita Dornetshuber-Fleiss[Rita Dornetshuber-Fleiss]; Paramita M.Ghosh[Paramita M.Ghosh]; Michael J.Gonzalez Guzman[Michael J.Gonzalez Guzman]
2014-07Dioscin induces caspase-independent apoptosis through activation of apoptosis-inducing factor in breast cancer cells이태진; 김은애; 장지훈; 이윤한[이윤한]; 성언기; 송인환; 김주영; 손호용[손호용]; 김수지
2015-08CHOP deficiency prevents methylglyoxal-induced myocyte apoptosis and cardiac dysfunction우창훈; 남대환; 한정화; 이태진; Tetsuro Shishido[Tetsuro Shishido]; 임재향[임재향]; 김근영[김근영]
2015-09MicroRNA-124 links p53 to the NF-kappa B pathway in B-cell lymphomasD Jeong[D Jeong]; J Kim[J Kim]; J Nam[J Nam]; H Sun[H Sun]; 이윤한[이윤한]; 이태진; RCT Aguiar[RCT Aguiar]; 김상우[김상우]
2015-09C/EBP homologous protein (CHOP) gene deficiency attenuates renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice이태진; 노미라[노미라]; 김지인[김지인]; 한상준[한상준]; 박권무[박권무]
2014-10Simple evaluation method for osteoinductive capacity of cells or scaffolds using ceramic cubes송인환; JE Dennis[JE Dennis]
2012-01Inhibition of genotoxic stress induced apoptosis by novel TAT-fused peptides targeting PIDDosome박현호; 장태호; 이성준; 우창훈; 이태진; 이경진[이경진]; 전주홍[전주홍]; 이동섭[이동섭]; 최기항[최기항]; 김인규[김인규]; 김영환[김영환]
2012-02Effect of oral administration of water-soluble extract from citrus peel (Citrus unshiu) on suppressing alcohol-induced fatty liver in rats성언기; Sang Kyu Noh[Sang Kyu Noh]; Ho-Young Park[Ho-Young Park]; Yongkon Park[Yongkon Park]; Youngsuk Lee[Youngsuk Lee]; Inwook Choi[Inwook Choi]
2013-07RU486, a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist, induces apoptosis in U937 human lymphoma cells through reduction in mitochondrial membrane potential and activation of p38 MAPK이태진; 장지훈[장지훈]; 우선민[우선민]; 엄희정[엄희정]; 박은정[박은정]; 민경진[민경진]; 김상현[김상현]; 최영현[최영현]; 권택규[권택규]
2013-08Withaferin A inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity by suppressing the Akt signaling pathway이태진; 이대형; 임인혜; 성언기; 송인환; 김주영; 박윤기
2013-09Gambogic acid에 의해 유도된 caspase 의존성 경로 활성화를 통한 대동맥 민무늬근육세포의 사멸김주영; 김대광[김대광]; 이태진; 김은애; 강주환[강주환]; 김경곤
2012-04Effects of cp-Ti Surface Roughness and Directionality on Initial Cell Attachment Behaviors김석영; 신동훈[신동훈]; 천성수[천성수]; 안면환; 송인환