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201404Preservation of Facial Nerve Function Repaired by Using Fibrin Glue-Coated Collagen Fleece for a Totally Transected Facial Nerve during Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery김오룡; 최경식; 장성호; 김민수
201409Relation between cognition and neural connection from injured cingulum to brainstem cholinergic nuclei in chronic patients with traumatic brain injury장성호; 유진선; 김오룡; 김성호; 김민수
201408Motor Recovery Via Transcallosal and Transpontine Fibers in a Patient with Intracerebral Hemorrhage장성호; 장민철; 정영진
201407Injury of the mammillothalamic tract in patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage: a retrospective diffusion tensor imaging study장성호; 최병연; 김성호; 장철훈; 정영진; 권혁규
201407Preoperative Identification of Facial Nerve in Vestibular Schwannomas Surgery Using Diffusion Tensor Tractography김오룡; 최경식; 김민수; 권혁규; 장성호
201401Effect of an Oral Hygienic Care Program for Stroke Patients in the Intensive Care Unit이희경; 김은경[김은경]; 최연희[최연희]; 이경수; 김성호; 김영재; 장성호
201101Diffusion Tensor Imaging Following Shunt in a Patient with Hydrocephalus장성호; 김성호
201108Prognostic factors for motor outcome in patients with compressed corticospinal tract by intracerebral hematoma장성호; 곽소영[곽소영]; 손수민; 최병연; 장철훈; 변우목; 김성호; 조윤우
201411Injury of the lower ascending reticular activating system in patients with hypoxic-ischemic brain injury: diffusion tensor imaging study장성호; 김성호; 임형원[임형원]; 여상석[여상석]
201104Anatomical Location of the Pedunculopontine Nucleus in the Human Brain: Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study장성호; 여상석; 김성호; 안영환[안영환]; 손수민