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201212Long-Term Follow-Up Result of Hydroxyurea Chemotherapy for Recurrent Meningiomas김민수; 유동우; 정영진; 김상우; 장철훈; 김오룡
201210Transorbital Penetrating Intracranial Injury by a Chopstick김성호; 신태희[신태희]; 김종훈; 곽경우
201210Intradural Extramedullary and Subcutaneous Tumors in Neonate: Atypical Myxoid Spindle Cell Neoplasm김성호; 유동우; 최준혁; 이은실
201209Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Negative Baseline Digital Subtraction Angiography: Is Repeat Digital Subtraction Angiography Necessary?장철훈; 유동우; 정영진; 최병연
201209Neurotization from Two Medial Pectoral Nerves to Musculocutaneous Nerve in a Pediatric Brachial Plexus Injury김성호; 유동우; 김민수; 정영진
201209The clinical characteristics of motor function in chronic hemiparetic stroke patients with complete corticospinal tract injury장성호; 조해민; 최병연; 장철훈; 김성호; 이준; 장민철; 손수민
201209Neural connection between injured cingulum and pedunculopontine nucleus in a patient with traumatic brain injury장성호; 여상석; 장민철; 김성호; 손수민
201208Evidence of Corticospinal Tract Injury at Midbrain in Patients With Subarachnoid Hemorrhage장성호; 여상석; 최병연; 장철훈; 김성호; 정영진
201207Prognosis of pediatric high-grade gliomas with temozolomide treatment: a retrospective, multicenter study김성호; 정태영[정태영]; 김재영[김재영]; 김동석[김동석]; 나영신[나영신]; 백희조[백희조]; 최형수[최형수]; 김인아[김인아]
201207Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Metastasized to Both the Skull and the Brain김민수; 신태희[신태희]; 정영진; 김오룡