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2015-01A 12-Week, Open Label, Multi-Center Study to Evaluate the Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Silodosin on Voiding Dysfunction in Patients with Neurogenic Bladder정희창; 문경현[문경현]; 박철희[박철희]; 오태희[오태희]; 김덕윤[김덕윤]; 김재수[김재수]
2015-01Multicenter, prospective, comparative cohort study evaluating the efficacy and safety of alfuzosin 10 mg with regard to blood pressure in men with lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia with or without antihypertensive medications문기학; Li Tao Zhang[Li Tao Zhang]; 이성원[이성원]; 박광성[박광성]; 정우식[정우식]; 김세웅[김세웅]; 현재석[현재석]; 문두건[문두건]; 양상국[양상국]; 류지간[류지간]; 양대열[양대열]; 민권식[민권식]; 박종관[박종관]
2015-01Standardized analysis of complications after robot-assisted radical cystectomy: Korea university hospital experience고영휘; 편종현[편종현]; 김형근[김형근]; 김재윤[김재윤]; 김성빈[김성빈]; 조석[조석]; 강성구[강성구]; 천준[천준]; 이정구[이정구]; 김제종[김제종]; 강석호[강석호]
2014-01Nontransected Ventral Onlay-augmented Urethroplasty Using Autologous Saphenous Vein Graft in a Rabbit Model of Urethral Stricture송필현; 김범수[김범수]; 김현태[김현태]; 권세윤[권세윤]; 전소영[전소영]; 최경희[최경희]; 박민[박민]; 김대환; 권태균[권태균]
2014-01Urologists' perceptions and practice patterns in peyronie's disease: A Korean nationwide survey including patient satisfaction고영휘; 문기학; 이성원[이성원]; 김수웅[김수웅]; 양대열[양대열]; 문두건[문두건]; 정우식[정우식]; 오경진[오경진]; 현재석[현재석]; 류지간[류지간]; 박현준[박현준]; 박광성[박광성]
2014-02Development of Renal Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Scaffold for Kidney Regeneration송필현; 채선영[채선영]; 전소영[전소영]; 박민[박민]; 장유진[장유진]; 김진래[김진래]; 오세행[오세행]; 이진호[이진호]; 권태균[권태균]; 김태환[김태환]
2015-03Urethroplasty Using Autologous Urethral Tissue-embedded Acellular Porcine Bladder Submucosa Matrix Grafts for the Management of Long-Segment Urethral Stricture in a Rabbit Model송필현; 전소영[전소영]; 김범수[김범수]; 권세윤[권세윤]; 박성일; 유은상[유은상]; 김법완[김법완]; 권태균[권태균]; 김현태[김현태]
2014-03The optimal timing of post-prostate biopsy magnetic resonance imaging to guide nerve-sparing surgery고영휘; 송필현; 문기학; 정희창; 천준[천준]; 성득제[성득제]
2015-04Development of a porcine renal extracellular matrix scaffold as a platform for kidney regeneration송필현; Seock Hwan Choi[Seock Hwan Choi]; So Young Chun[So Young Chun]; Seon Yeong Chae[Seon Yeong Chae]; Jin Rae Kim[Jin Rae Kim]; Se Heang Oh[Se Heang Oh]; Sung Kwang Chung[Sung Kwang Chung]; Jin Ho Lee[Jin Ho Lee]; Gyu-Seog Choi[Gyu-Seog Choi]; Tae-Hwan Kim[Tae-Hwan Kim]; Tae Gyun Kwon[Tae Gyun Kwon]
2015-04항생제 Fluoroquinolones의 약동학 및 약력학에 관한 최신 정보송필현; 고영휘
2015-05An Effective Repetitive Training Schedule to Achieve Skill Proficiency Using a Novel Robotic Virtual Reality Simulator고영휘; 강성구[강성구]; 류병주[류병주]; 양경숙[양경숙]; 조석[조석]; 강석호[강석호]; Vipul R Patel[Vipul R Patel]; 천준[천준]
2015-05Efficacy of Once-Daily Administration of Udenafil for 24 Weeks on Erectile Dysfunction: Results from a Randomized Multicenter Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial문기학; 고영휘; Sae Woong Kim[Sae Woong Kim]; Du Geon Moon[Du Geon Moon]; Je Jong Kim[Je Jong Kim]; Nam Cheol Park[Nam Cheol Park]; Sung Won Lee[Sung Won Lee]; Jae-Seung Paick[Jae-Seung Paick]; Tae Young Ahn[Tae Young Ahn]; Woo Sik Chung[Woo Sik Chung]; Kwon Sik Min[Kwon Sik Min]; Jong Kwan Park[Jong Kwan Park]; Dae Yul Yang[Dae Yul Yang]; Kwangsung Park[Kwangsung Park]
2014-04경피적 신루재설치술 시 발생한 신정맥파열박신률; 송필현; 고영휘; 정희창; 김현태[김현태]; 옥봉기; 이권수; 김영욱; 권대현
2015-05Pre-Clinical Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of Human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cell Injection in a Mouse Model of Urinary Incontinence송필현; 최재영[최재영]; 전소영[전소영]; 김범수[김범수]; 김현태[김현태]; 유은상[유은상]; Yun-Hee Shon[Yun-Hee Shon]; Jeong Ok Lim[Jeong Ok Lim]; 윤석중[윤석중]; 정성광[정성광]; James J Yoo[James J Yoo]; 권태균[권태균]
2014-05Efficacy and safety of the selective α1a-adrenoceptor blocker silodosin for severe lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia: A prospective, single-open-label, multicenter study in Korea문기학; 송필현; Dae Yul Yang[Dae Yul Yang]; Nam Cheol Park[Nam Cheol Park]; Soo Woong Kim[Soo Woong Kim]; Sung Won Lee[Sung Won Lee]; Sae Woong Kim[Sae Woong Kim]; Du Geon Moon[Du Geon Moon]; Jong Kwan Park[Jong Kwan Park]; Tai Young Ahn[Tai Young Ahn]; Kwangsung Park[Kwangsung Park]
2015-06Effect of patient position on pain scales during transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy김영욱; 지윤섭; 고영휘; 송필현
2015-06Long-term survival and patient satisfaction with inflatable penile prosthesis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction고영휘; 지윤섭; 송필현; 문기학
2014-07Characterization of a novel composite scaffold consisting of acellular bladder submucosa matrix, polycaprolactone and Pluronic F127 as a substance for bladder reconstruction송필현; 장유진[장유진]; 전소영[전소영]; 김건남[김건남]; 김진래[김진래]; 오세형[오세형]; 김진호[김진호]; 김범수[김범수]; 유은상[유은상]; 권태균[권태균]
2015-08Impact of Microvascular Invasion and Tumor Necrosis on the Prognosis of Korean Patients with pT1b Renal Cell Carcinoma고영휘; 권세윤[권세윤]; 이준영[이준영]; 김범수[김범수]; 송필현; 김현태[김현태]; 김태환[김태환]; 유은상[유은상]; 최규석[최규석]; 김범완[김범완]; 권태균[권태균]
2014-09Limited Significance of Activated Akt-Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Signaling Pathway in Prostate Cancer Progression고영휘; Miyake H[Miyake H]; Behnsawy HM[Behnsawy HM]; 천준[천준]; Fusisawa[Fusisawa]