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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Public awareness about the specialty of anesthesiology and the role of anesthesiologists: A national survey송선옥; 이재준[이재준]; 이낙훈[이낙훈]; 박종민[박종민]; 홍성진[홍성진]; 공명훈[공명훈]; 이국현[이국현]; 연준흠[연준흠]
2015-03Optimal Effect-Site Concentration of Remifentanil for Inhibiting Response to Laryngeal Mask Airway Removal during Emergence박상진; 지대림; 백종윤[백종윤]
2014-03Conversion of supraventricular arrhythmia to normal rhythm by propofol and remifentanil -three cases report-지대림; 최은경
2014-04A Comparison of Posterior and Medial Cord Stimulation for Neurostimulation- Guided Vertical Infraclavicular Block: A Randomized Noninferiority Clinical Trial정성미; 양춘우[양춘우]; 권희욱[권희욱]; 강포순[강포순]; 조춘규[조춘규]; 오진영[오진영]; 이윤석[이윤석]; 최정희[최정희]
2014-05A dose-finding study of preoperative intravenous dexmedetomidine in children's emergence delirium after epiblepharon surgery이혜미; 양소희[양소희]
2015-05Remifentanil postconditioning has cross talk with adenosine receptors in the ischemic-reperfused rat heart박상진; 하전유[하전유]; 이용철[이용철]; 장영호[장영호]; 김준홍[김준홍]
2015-06The effects of deep and light propofol anesthesia on stress response in patients undergoing open lung surgery: A randomized controlled trial정성미; 조춘규[조춘규]
2015-07Anaphylaxis to topical bovine thrombin used for hemostasis during surgery for herniated nucleus pulposus −A case report−이덕희; 김혁구[김혁구]; 이혜미; 한지수[한지수]
2015-09Video Distraction and Parental Presence for the Management of Preoperative Anxiety and Postoperative Behavioral Disturbance in Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial정성미; 김혁구; 유화림; 박상진
2014-11Misinsertion of central venous catheter into the suspected vertebral vein: A case report박상진; 양소희; 정성미
2012-01Acute post-cardiopulmonary bypass left atrial thrombosis after mitral valvuloplasty and left atrial thrombectomy정태은; 이동협; 박상진
2012-01The Differential Effect of Intrathecal Nav1.8 Blockers on the Induction and Maintenance of Capsaicin- and Peripheral Ischemia-Induced Mechanical Allodynia and Thermal Hyperalgesia문지영[문지영]; 송선옥; 윤서연[윤서연]; 노대현[노대현]; 강석윤[강석윤]; 박지호[박지호]; Alvin Beitz[Alvin Beitz]; 이장헌[이장헌]
2013-06Risk factors of morbidity and mortality following hip fracture surgery지대림; 김승동[김승동]; 박상진; 이덕희
2012-03An Acute Postoperative Intractable Hyperventilation after an Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy이혜미; 신경배[신경배]; 김성호; 지대림
2012-03The effect of intravenous labetalol administration on hemodynamic responses during desflurane inhalation박상진; 김세연; 도현석[도현석]; 허수정[허수정]
2013-08Effect of tranexamic acid on reducing postoperative blood loss in combined hypotensive epidural anesthesia and general anesthesia for total hip replacement박상진; 이용철[이용철]; 김지섭[김지섭]; 조철현[조철현]
2013-08Jaw-thrust induces sympathetic responses during induction of general anesthesia지대림; 박상진; 김범수[김범수]
2013-09Transient hemidiaphragmatic paresis after ultrasound-guided lateral sagittal infraclavicular block정성미; 양춘우[양춘우]; 강포순[강포순]; 권희욱[권희욱]; 조춘규[조춘규]; 최혜진
2013-09Increased tissue transglutaminase activity contributes to central vascular stiffness in eNOS knockout mice정성미; Lakshmi Santhanam [Lakshmi Santhanam ]; Simran Jandu[Simran Jandu]; Jochen Steppan[Jochen Steppan]; Alexey Belkin[Alexey Belkin]; Mark Butlin[Mark Butlin]; Alina Pak[Alina Pak]; Steven S[Steven S]; Alberto Avolio[Alberto Avolio]; Dan E Berkowitz[Dan E Berkowitz]
2013-09The comparison of feasibility and safety on fiberoptic guided intubation under conscious sedation with remifentanil and propofol지대림; 이혜미; 사공준