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201201Clinical Application of MAGE A1-6 RT-Nested PCR for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Invisible by Bronchoscopy신경철; 최은영[최은영]; 정진홍; 전창호[전창호]; 이관호
201206A phase II trial of erlotinib in combination with gemcitabine and capecitabine in previously untreated metastatic/recurrent pancreatic cancer: combined analysis with translational research이경희; Oh do youn[Oh do youn]; Lee keun wook[Lee keun wook]; Sohn chang hak[Sohn chang hak]; Park young suk[Park young suk]; Zang dae young[Zang dae young]; Ryoo hun mo[Ryoo hun mo]; Song hong suk[Song hong suk]; Kim jin soo[Kim jin soo]; Kang hye jin[Kang hye jin]; Kim bong seog[Kim bong seog]; Bang yung jue[Bang yung jue]
201204Fibroblast growth factor 2-functionalized collagen matrices for skeletal muscle tissue engineering김국현; Jang, Jun-Hyeog[Jang, Jun-Hyeog]; Yun, Ye-Rang[Yun, Ye-Rang]; Lee, Sujin[Lee, Sujin]; Jeon, Eunyi[Jeon, Eunyi]; Kang, Wonmo[Kang, Wonmo]; Kim, Hae-Won[Kim, Hae-Won]
201204MAGE A1-A6 RT-PCR and MAGE A3 and p16 methylation analysis in induced sputum from patients with lung cancer and non-malignant lung diseases신경철; 이관호; 이채훈; 신임희[신임희]; 전창호[전창호]; 서헌석[서헌석]
201203Effects of neutral pH and low-glucose degradation product-containing peritoneal dialysis fluid on systemic markers of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction: a randomized controlled 1-year follow-up study도준영; 박선희[박선희]; 김영훈[김영훈]; 이호영[이호영]; 김범석[김범석]; 신석균[신석균]; 김현철[김현철]; 장윤경[장윤경]; 양종호[양종호]; 정현철[정현철]; 김찬덕[김찬덕]; 이원기[이원기]; 김종연[김종연]; 김용림[김용림]
201203VEGFA and VEGFR2 genetic polymorphisms and survival in patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma김민경; 현명수; 배영경; 이경희; 서철원[서철원]; 지현숙[지현숙]; 이경원[이경원]; 김인숙[김인숙]; 엄현석[엄현석]; 공선영[공선영]; 배성화[배성화]; 류헌모[류헌모]; 신임희[신임희]; 문영철[문영철]; 정화순[정화순]; 조희순