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201005Senescence-Related Truncation and Multimerization of Apolipoprotein A-I in High-Density Lipoprotein With an Elevated Level of Advanced Glycated End Products and Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Activity조경현; 박기훈[박기훈]; 신동구; 김재룡
201006Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes of Drug-Eluting Stents in Patients With Large Vessel and Single Coronary Artery Lesion박종선; 김영조; 신동구; 홍그루; 이상희; 김웅[김웅]; 김동기[김동기]; 설상훈[설상훈]; 양태현[양태현]; 김대경[김대경]; 김두일[김두일]; 김동수[김동수]; 김동기[김동기]; 조윤경[조윤경]; 김형섭[김형섭]; 남창욱[남창욱]; 허승호[허승호]; 김권배[김권배]
201002Cor Triatriatum의 심초음파, 자기공명영상, 다중검출기 전산화단층촬영 비교영상박종선; 조정환[조정환]; 송인욱[송인욱]; 김금래; 이상희; 신동구; 홍그루
201001The functional and compositional properties of lipoproteins are altered in patients with metabolic syndrome with increased cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity조경현; 김재룡; 신동구; 박기훈; 홍주헌[홍주헌]
201012Effect of Lacidipine on Blood Pressure and Endothelial Function in Mild-to-Moderate Essential Hypertension Patients With Diabetes in Korea신동구; 김대희[김대희]; 오일영[오일영]; 이해영[이해영]; 김용진[김용진]; 김효수[김효수]; 김철호[김철호]; 오병희[오병희]; 김권삼[김권삼]; 김두일[김두일]; 김영대[김영대]; 류규형[류규형]; 박시훈[박시훈]; 백상홍[백상홍]; 심완주[심완주]; 안태훈[안태훈]; 오석규[오석규]; 이승환[이승환]; 이성윤[이성윤]; 정명호[정명호]; 정욱성[정욱성]; 정준영[정준영]; 최소연[최소연]; 최시완[최시완]; 현민수[현민수]
201008Massive Left Atrial Calcification Associated with Mitral Valve Replacement김영조; 이상희; 신동구; 홍그루; 박종선; 이원재[이원재]; 손장원; 윤준철[윤준철]; 조현수[조현수]; 손창우[손창우]; 박규환[박규환]
201010Frequency of vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA)-positive Helicobacter pylori seropositivity and TGF-beta(1) decrease in atrial fibrillation박종선; 신동구; 기미란[기미란]; 홍경숙[홍경숙]; 홍일화[홍일화]; 박진규[박진규]; 정규식[정규식]
201010Left atrial volume index as a predictor for occurrence of atrial fibrillation after ablation of typical atrial flutter이상희; 이영수[이영수]; 현대우[현대우]; 정병천[정병천]; 조용근[조용근]; 신동구; 박형섭[박형섭]; 한승욱[한승욱]; 김윤년[김윤년]
201409"Optimal" cutoff value of heart rate; appraisal based on heart rate variability and C-reactive protein신동구; 최윤정[최윤정]; 박규환; 이찬희[이찬희]; 이상희[이상희]; 박종선; 김웅; 손장원; 이전[이전]; 김재룡
201409Treatment patterns and their outcomes of acute aortic intramural hematoma in real world: multicenter registry for aortic intramural hematoma박종선; 최윤정[최윤정]; 손장원; 이상희; 김웅; 신동구; 김영조; 허승호[허승호]; 남창욱[남창욱]; 조윤경[조윤경]; 이봉렬[이봉렬]; 정병천[정병천]; 류재근[류재근]; 이진배[이진배]; 박헌식[박헌식]; 이장훈[이장훈]; 장세영[장세영]