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201304Role of formyl peptide receptor 2 on the serum amyloid A-induced macrophage foam cell formation백석환; 이하영[이하영]; 김상두[김상두]; 최준혁; 배외식[배외식]
201304Insulin Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-5 Regulates Excessive Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats via ERK 1/2 Phosphorylation강영진; 이동협; 김정은[김정은]
201306Role of JAK2STAT3 in TLR2-mediated tissue factor expression백석환; 박대원; 류지효; 김진식; 진해민[진해민]; 배외식[배외식]
201309Cardiac nuclear high mobility group box 1 prevents the development of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failureAkira Funayama[Akira Funayama]; Tetsuro Shishido[Tetsuro Shishido]; Shunsuke Netsu[Shunsuke Netsu]; Taro Narumi[Taro Narumi]; Shinpei Kadowaki[Shinpei Kadowaki]; Hiroki Takahashi[Hiroki Takahashi]; Takuya Miyamoto[Takuya Miyamoto]; Tetsu Watanabe[Tetsu Watanabe]; 우창훈; Jun-ichi Abe[Jun-ichi Abe]; Koichiro Kuwahara[Koichiro Kuwahara]; Kazuwa Nakao[Kazuwa Nakao]; Yasuchika Takeishi[Yasuchika Takeishi]; Isao Kubota[Isao Kubota]
201310Fibronectin expression in carcinoma cells correlates with tumor aggressiveness and poor clinical outcome in patients with invasive breast cancer배영경; 김애리[김애리]; 김민경; 최정은; 강수환; 이수정
201309The immune-stimulating peptide WKYMVm has therapeutic effects against ulcerative colitis백석환; 김상두[김상두]; 권순일[권순일]; 이성균[이성균]; 국민수[국민수]; 이하영[이하영]; 송기덕[송기덕]; 이학교[이학교]; 박찬배[박찬배]; 배외식[배외식]
201302Targeting of the Osteoclastogenic RANKL-RANK Axis Prevents Osteoporotic Bone Loss and Soft Tissue Calcification in Coxsackievirus B3-Infected Mice정대원; 이경희; 김현수; 박호선; 김극준[김극준]; 송후근[송후근]; 신홍인[신홍인]; 김한성[김한성]; 서동현[서동현]; 국현[국현]; 고정현[고정현]
201302Therapeutic benefit of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for severe mirror movements: A case report손수민; 장성호; 이지인[이지인]; 이미영[이미영]; 김한선; 조윤우; 권미경[권미경]
201302Combined Loss of E-cadherin and Aberrant beta-Catenin Protein Expression Correlates With a Poor Prognosis for Small Intestinal Adenocarcinomas배영경; 홍승모[홍승모]; 이희진[이희진]; 이옥준[이옥준]; 장기택[장기택]; 정준용[정준용]; 엄대운[엄대운]; 김준미[김준미]; 유은실[유은실]