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201006The usefulness of DTI for estimating the state of cerebellar peduncles in cerebral infarct장성호; 홍지헌
201003Motor function reorganization in a patient with a brainstem lesion: DTT, fMRI and TMS study장성호; 홍지헌; 안상호; 손수민; 조윤우
201003Cortical reorganization of sensori-motor function in a patient with cortical infarct장성호; 안상호; 이준; 조윤우; 손수민
201003Motor function reorganization lateral to congenital brain lesion: A functional MRI study장성호; 손수민; 권용현[권용현]
201001Identification of spinothalamic tract and its related thalamocortical fibers in human brain장성호; 홍지헌; 손수민
201406Recovery of the corticospinal tracts injured by subfalcine herniation: a diffusion tensor tractography study장성호; 서정표
201504Difference in cortical activation according to the speed of passive movements by a rehabilitation robotic hand장성호; 장평훈[장평훈]; 이승희[이승희]; 박지혁[박지혁]; 진상현[진상현]; 임형원[임형원]; 여상석[여상석]; 이승현[이승현]
201504Motor function outcomes of pediatric patients with hemiplegic cerebral palsy after rehabilitation treatment: a diffusion tensor imaging study손수민; 김진현; 권용민
201009Selective Musculocutaneous Neurotomy for Spastic Elbow김성호; 신동근[신동근]; 정영진; 홍주철[홍주철]; 김민수
201009Motor recovery by anterior choroidal artery territory in a patient with middle cerebral artery infarct장성호; 홍지헌