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2015-02남자 대중음악 애호가의 의복행동에 관한 연구박순지; 조성희; 박미혜; 김유진; 신지영
2014-03Preparation of Syndiotactic Poly(vinyl alcohol) Embolic Particles with Radiopacity오태환; 차진욱; 류원석; 한성수; 이해규[이해규]
2012-07Preparation of High Molecular Weight Poly(vinyl carbazole)/Polystyrene Blend Web by Electrospinning오태환; 김희삼[김희삼]; 이기범[이기범]; 이영재; 김민재; 차진욱; 노석균; 이용록; 한성수; 신은주[신은주]; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 류원석
2012-11폐경기 증상 경험 유무에 따른 중년여성의 의복 구매 요인 및 만족도 조사박순지; 김혜진
2011-01Bridge length effect of new dinuclear constrained geometry catalysts on controlling the polymerization behaviors of ethylene/styrene copolymerization노석균; 류원석; 웽티레탄[웽티레탄]; 웽티디우후옌[웽티디우후옌]
2011-02Molecular Structures and Physical Properties of Heat-Drawn Conjugate Fibers오태환; 한성수; 류원석; 전한용[전한용]
2011-03Preparation and evaluation of Cremophor-free paclitaxel solid dispersion by a supercritical antisolvent process용철순; 박재현[박재현]; 엄의동[엄의동]; 지상철[지상철]; 류원석; 우종수[우종수]; 최한곤[최한곤]; 황두형[황두형]; 스리니바산 샨무감[스리니바산 샨무감]
2011-03Synthesis and properties of an ionic polyacetylene by the activated polymerization of 2-ethynylpyridine with the ring-opening of propiolactone류원석; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 진성호[진성호]; 박영일[박영일]; 박종욱[박종욱]; 임권택[임권택]
2011-04Polarizer Effect and Structure of Iodinated Before and After Casting Poly(vinyl alcohol) Film류원석; 신은주[신은주]; 이양헌 [이양헌 ]
2011-05AgBF4/[Bmim]BF4-Catalyzed [3+2] Cycloaddition of Cyclic Diazodicarbonyl Compounds: Efficient Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydrofurans and Conversion to 3-Acylfurans이용록; 하립개[하립개]; 김성홍[김성홍]; 류원석
2011-05Effect of Boric Acid and Heat Treatment for the Formation of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Iodine Complex Films Iodinated at Solution Before Casting류원석; 신은주[신은주]; 이양헌[이양헌]
2011-05Analysis of Mechanical Properties and Stress Crack Behavior of HDPE Geomembranes by Laboratory Installation Damage Test오태환; Khan BA[Khan BA]; 전한용[전한용]; 박주희[박주희]; 류원석; 김성희[김성희]; 장용채[장용채]
2011-05Synthesis and Properties of Poly(4-vinylpyridine-co-styrene) with Pendant Azobenzonitrile Moieties류원석; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 이원철[이원철]; 진성호[진성호]; 김성훈[김성훈]; 박종욱[박종욱]; 임권택[임권택]
2011-06Antimicrobial m-Aramid Nanofibrous Membrane for Nonpressure Driven Filtration김삼수; 정다운; 최욱환[최욱환]; 이재웅[이재웅]
2011-06Flow Instability of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solution under Steady Shear주상우; 도성열; 류창열[류창열]; 노석균; 이용록; 심재진; 김준호; Yeong Soon Gal[Yeong Soon Gal]; 한성수; 류원석
2011-06Ultrasonically assisted in situ emulsion polymerization: a facile approach to prepare conducting copolymer/silica nanocomposites심재진; 할도리유바라즈; 팜쿠앙롱[팜쿠앙롱]; 노석균; 류원석
2011-06Electro-optical and Electrochemical Properties of Poly(1-hexyne)류원석; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 진성호[진성호]; 박일영[박일영]; 박종욱[박종욱]; 임권택[임권택]; 김상율[김상율]
2011-11Annealing effects on molecular structures and physical properties of side-by-side conjugate fibers오태환; 한성수; 류원석; 길명섭[길명섭]
2011-11In Situ-Generated Ru(III)-Mediated ATRP from the Polymeric Ru(III) Complex in the Absence of Activator Generation Agents노석균; 하단[하단]; 류원석
2010-08New Synthetic Routes to Acronycine, Noracronycine, and Their Analogues이용록; 갈라스리하리; 왕설[왕설]; 류원석; 김성홍[김성홍]