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201011Effect of Polystyrene Mixing on Mechanical Properties and Structural Changes in Melt Spinning오태환; 한성수; 류원석
201403Preparation of Syndiotactic Poly(vinyl alcohol) Embolic Particles with Radiopacity오태환; 차진욱; 류원석; 한성수; 이해규[이해규]
201102Molecular Structures and Physical Properties of Heat-Drawn Conjugate Fibers오태환; 한성수; 류원석; 전한용[전한용]
201105Analysis of Mechanical Properties and Stress Crack Behavior of HDPE Geomembranes by Laboratory Installation Damage Test오태환; Khan BA[Khan BA]; 전한용[전한용]; 박주희[박주희]; 류원석; 김성희[김성희]; 장용채[장용채]
201008Preparation of Sodium Alginate Hydrogel Microparticles by Electrospinning Using Various Types of Salts류원석; 김선길; 이영재; 신은주[신은주]; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 이용록; 오태환; 최한곤; 김정애; 용철순; 한성수; 노석균
201008Preparation of Recycled Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA)/Iodine Polarizing Film류원석; 한만호; 신재균[신재균]; 오경일; 이영재; 송두현; 정용식[정용식]; 이용록; 최한곤; 오태환; 한성수; 노석균
201207Preparation of High Molecular Weight Poly(vinyl carbazole)/Polystyrene Blend Web by Electrospinning오태환; 김희삼[김희삼]; 이기범[이기범]; 이영재; 김민재; 차진욱; 노석균; 이용록; 한성수; 신은주[신은주]; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 류원석
201111Annealing effects on molecular structures and physical properties of side-by-side conjugate fibers오태환; 한성수; 류원석; 길명섭[길명섭]