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201005Gel characterisation and in vivo evaluation of minocycline-loaded wound dressing with enhanced wound healing using polyvinyl alcohol and chitosan최한곤; 용철순; 김정애; 류원석; 한성수; 성정훈; 황마로; 김종오; 이정훈; 김용일; 구세광[구세광]; 김정훈[김정훈]; 장선우[장선우]; 진성규[진성규]
201004Superhydrophobic PLA fabrics prepared by UV photo-grafting of hydrophobic silica particles possessing vinyl groups류원석; 배근열[배근열]; 정영규[정영규]; 장진호[장진호]; 민병길[민병길]
201004Union Dyeing of the Photografted PET/Wool Blend Fabrics with Dimethylaminopropyl Methacrylamide류원석; 장진호[장진호]; Yuanyuan Dong[Yuanyuan Dong]
201004Synthesis and Properties of an Ionic Polyacetylene with 3rd Generation Dendritic Moieties류원석; 이원철[이원철]; 김명란[김명란]; 임권택[임권택]; 박영일[박영일]; 박종욱[박종욱]; 한승철[한승철]; 이재욱[이재욱]; 진성호[진성호]; 제갈영순[제갈영순]
201004Synthesis and Properties of an Ionic Polyacetylene: Poly(dimethylphenylpropargylammonium bromide)류원석; 이원철[이원철]; 진성호[진성호]; 박종욱[박종욱]; 제갈영순[제갈영순]; 김석만[김석만]
201003Preparation of Atactic Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Silver Composite Nanofibers by Electrospinning and Their Characterization류원석; 이영재
201001Phosphorus Ligands for Iron (III)-Mediated ATRP of Styrene via Generation of Activators by Monomer Addition노석균; 류원석; 하단[하단]; 설지강[설지강]; 한모드유스프[한모드유스프]
201001Comparative study of a variety of ATRP systems with high oxidation state metal catalyst system노석균; 류원석; 설지강; 하단; 모드유수프칸[모드유수프칸]
201001Preparation of Syndiotacticity-Rich High Molecular Weight Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Iodine Polarizing Film with High Water Resistance류원석; 한만호
201012Block Copolymer Analysis and Purification류원석; 류창열[류창열]; 한준원[한준원]